Friday, June 13, 2014

Central Diner & Grille, Revisited & Dinner Outside

Last Saturday we went back to Central Diner & Grille in Robinson (first visit post here). This time, we were able to sit outside. Granted, it seems like sitting a bit back from Route 60 wouldn't be too pleasant, but it was close to 7 pm and traffic was pretty light, it was a beautiful evening, and the restaurant is set back just enough that the only traffic noise we noticed was the annoying loud motorcycles. We again started off with an appetizer of Spanakopita.
Just as yummy and spinach filled as last time. Plus lots of garnishes - feta, shredded carrots, cucumber, tomato, kalamatas. 
The bread basket - warmed Mediterra bread. 
SP's Greek Salad with Greek Dressing. He said the dressing was like a lemony Italian dressing. I had a small taste and it was good. Romaine, cucumber, kalamata, feta, tomato. 
My cole slaw. I just had a couple of bites because I'm not a huge cole slaw fan and because I figured my sandwich would be huge.
SP's scrod stuffed with spinach and feta - basically, spanakopita with fish instead of phyllo. It was HUGE.
Lots of spinach. A lemony, white wine sauce.
He ate half and took half home. He said it was really tasty, just HUGE.
My Fried Egg Sandwich. With cheddar and bacon on white bread.
Yum! I would have liked my bread maybe buttered a bit, not just toasted, but otherwise it was a yummy breakfast sandwich with a nicely cooed egg (no runny yolk, which I like), melty cheese, and bacon.
SP's Onion Rings. He chose these as one of his sides because he knows I like onion rings. Well, we both do, and this way if we share a side order, neither of us over-indulges. Even sharing, we still took home about half of these.

Our second visit to Central Diner & Grill was just as nice & tasty as our first visit. Our server was great - very friendly, checked on us frequently but not too frequently. His station seemed to be our side of the outdoor dining and in addition to us, there were 2-3 other tables of 2-4 people plus a large group of 12 people. The owner came around a couple of times to check on each table.

We again got dessert to go - the same as last time: Rice Pudding for SP, which he loves and he says theirs is very good. For me, the Hot Chocolate Cake. I really like the chocolate & marshmallow icings with chocolate cake layers!

We really like this place and would choose it any day over any of the chain restaurants in the Robinson area.

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