Monday, June 30, 2014

Deschutes Brewery & Public House

More Portland! This time, Deschutes Brewery & Public House. We spent the morning and afternoon touring Pittock Mansion & Washington Park and the International Rose Test Garden and skipped lunch, so by 4:30 we were very hungry. We decided to try one of the brew pubs. Deschutes is in The Pearl District and, as it turns out, is walkable from our hotel, but we didn't quite have a grasp of things yet, so we drove from the park, parked in a parking garage, and walked a block.
We were seated right away. It's huge! Tons of natural light from the huge windows.
Their logo on their mustard, water bottle, iced tea glass, beer glass:
Fresh brewed iced tea - it was really good, not watered down like at some places. SP tried a sample size of Black Butte Porter.
We started with an appetizer: Brewery Pretzel (creamy white cheese and Black Butte Porter and stone ground mustard). On my gosh. Best soft pretzel ever. This was not some pre-made, frozen, tossed in an oven pretzel. Soft, moist, flavorful, delicious soft pretzel goodness. Not too much salt. Creamy beer cheese with a ring of mustard around it. We ate it all. Quickly. And fought over the final bites.
SP ordered the Elk Burger with gruyere, roasted shallot & thyme mayo, field greens, and brioche alongside a bowl of Garden Tomato Soup with carrots, bell peppers, cilantro, and a dollop of roasted tomato cream. He really liked the chunky veggie soup and said his elk burger was good, too. He ate it all, so it must have been tasty!
I opted for Obsidian Stout Mac & Cheese with spinach. I don't recall the menu saying anything about grilled red onions like it does online, and I asked about garlic. I was told no garlic, but yes for shallot, which is usually fine. Well, this is the vacation where I discovered that shallot in large quantities of nearly raw huge chunks is bad for my stomach. The mac & cheese was delicious. Huge. One of those dishes where even when you eat a lot of what's there. it doesn't look like you ate anything. But, sadly, in spite of picking out all the huge shallot chunks, when we got back to the hotel, I had a shallot reaction just like my garlic reaction, and it was not pleasant. SP was again surprised at my sensitive stomach.

We had planned to head back out again after a quick hotel stop, back out to Powell's Books, but after being sick for a while, I opted to stay in the hotel room, close to a bathroom. SP was afraid to leave me alone, so we ended up hanging out, watching TV, and going to bed early, which was actually kind of nice since we were still messed up from the time zone change.

As for me, I will now be inquiring about shallot as well as garlic. I know when we use shallot at home, it's in small quantities and usually sauteed, and I'm fine. But apparently huge, uncooked chunks are bad.

As for Deschutes, I'd definitely go back, especially for that soft pretzel and beer cheese mustard dip. I'd just avoid anything with shallot (or garlic). The employees were all very nice and our server was fantastic and friendly, chatting with us about OR's lack of sales tax/higher state income tax (we were pleasantly surprised by the lack of sales tax on drinking/dining out). Plus I really liked the bright, open space and the fact that even though it's a huge space we didn't feel overwhelmed by space/the possibility of not being able to spot our server and even though it was busy and getting busier, it didn't feel crowded and we were not rushed out.

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