Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. Most of my thoughts are still about vacation! The next week or so will be lots of Portland posts, mostly because I posted all my saved up 'draft' posts while we were away and because we are not doing much cooking and what we have made, I've blogged about before.

2. This week we're dining on the fattoush that we really like and on our version of quesadillas. This time the cut of beef was a Denver cut and we used lemon juice, not lime juice, in the marinade.

Sadly, SP bought 100 calorie tortillas. These are the worst tortillas ever - they taste like cardboard. Disgusting. He tried to defend them by saying they were healthier, fewer calories, more fiber, etc. But I'm not having it. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's these cardboard, fiber enhanced tortillas that have my stomach in distress this week. Sensitive tummies need to be careful how quickly and how much and what kind of extra fiber they add into their diets.

3. We started watching Fargo this week. We've watched 3 episodes so far. I like it, but gosh is it dark! We have a few more shows we need to 'binge watch' this summer because we recorded the new episodes but didn't yet watch (Orphan Black, Continuum, Walking Dead) plus I'd like to watch Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.

4. I wish we were still on vacation. It's great being away from (avoiding?) crap we need to deal with. Like the 2 dead trees. The rotted wood fence. Re-sealing the wood deck. The ceiling fan that doesn't work. So bummed that none of these issues magically resolved themselves while we were gone.

5. Next week Texas SIL and her family arrive for a visit! So excited to see them. We don't yet know when exactly we'll be seeing them because they don't yet know their schedule because SIL's husband isn't sure when/how much/what kind of assistance his parents will need in this post-surgery time for one of his parents. But still - always great to see them.

6. My delicious Weller bourbon is on the way... I can taste it already. Good thing I just allowed myself a wee splurge on large ice cube trays, new rocks glasses, and a couple books about bourbon and old fashioneds.

7. Time to go put the soccer game on. Go USA!

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