Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Full Sail Brew Pub (Hood River, OR) & Huber's (Portland, OR)

The day that we drove to Columbia River Gorge, Multnomah Falls, and Mt. Hood, we took snacks in the car and hoped to grab a quick lunch at the Multnomah Falls Lodge Restaurant. That ended up not happening because when we went in, there was a long wait and they were only serving a buffet. I do not like buffets. And, I usually cannot eat that much food, especially not for lunch on a day when there is still much driving and sight-seeing to do. So we drove on, east to the town of Hood River, and we decided to try Full Sail Brew Pub.
There was a 20 minute wait at 3 pm, there were a lot of whiny kids, and the menu seemed pretty limited. And, the iced tea is fake iced tea. Sigh. SP drank the fake tea and a sample beer (called a lawrenbrau, I think, I think he said it was a wheated ale) while I stuck with water.
I tried the Beer Cheese Soup. It was just ok. A little too thin for my taste - I like my beer cheese soup a little thicker.
We shared the Pork Loin Sandwich (Tillamook cheddar, apricot stout chutney, lettuce, tomato on ciabatta) and a side salad.
Honestly, this was a surprise after the fake tea and thin soup. In fact, it was one of the tastier sandwiches we've ever eaten. For one, rarely do we even see pork sandwiches on a menu, and this just wasn't a fried pork chop or breaded pork scaloppine  thrown between 2 slices of bread or on a bun - it was thin sliced roasted pork on tasty, soft ciabatta. Second, the apricot stout chutney really made this sandwich stand out. It was delicious.

It was just enough to fill our bellies and our server was a very friendly and chatty woman.

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Later that evening, after we got back to the hotel around 7:30 pm and freshened up, we decided to try Huber's Cafe for dinner. It was a very short walk from our hotel and when we called, they said we could be seated right away. Huber's is billed as the oldest restaurant in Portland, established in 1879.
We were seated in the front dining area. It's dimly lit and the interior is lots of dark wood. Cozy. I liked it. Here's what we ate:
Beer Bread. This was tasty, but dense, and it wasn't any tastier than the beer bread our friend A makes for parties. Actually, I think hers might be tastier.

Side salad. Crisp greens, not iceberg, tomato, carrot, cucumber. 

SP's Clam Chowder. A basic clam chowder. Not the best. Not the worst.

My entree: Half & Half: roasted turkey, baked ham, served with sage dressing, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, cranberry sauce. You might wonder why the girl who isn't a huge fan of Thanksgiving food ordered Thanksgiving dinner. Well, Huber's is famous for their turkey dinner. One of us had to order it. I have to say I was disappointed. The ham was good, but I didn't want the pineapple sauce as I dislike pineapple sauce. The mashed potatoes were yummy. The turkey was dry. The gravy OK. I didn't see any sage dressing on my plate. The broccoli was sad and limp and mixed with a ton of shallots and, well, no way was I touching shallots again after the mac & cheese shallot aftermath. It was so much food that the ham & potatoes filled me, but overall, it was disappointing. We make tastier turkey dinners.

SP's entree: Cioppino. Seafood in a broth of tomato, fennel, and onion. He said it was tasty, but he didn't eat it all. That is unusual for my seafood loving husband. He said it was big and that's why he didn't finish.

I honestly don't know what possessed us to order dessert when we were stuffed. I should have known better. We ordered Tiramisu. I think this might be one of the worst tiramisu desserts I've ever had. What is with that chocolate drizzle all over it? And that giant strawberry on top? It was very disappointing.

I wanted to like Huber's because it's the oldest restaurant in Portland, it has a great history, I liked the interior a lot, the portions are huge, especially for the price. But I just can't give it more than a 'meh.' For starters, our server was a little snooty when we walked in. It was a Sunday evening around 8 pm, the place was nearly empty, and we'd called ahead for a very last minute reservation, but he looked annoyed and sniffed at us about if we had a reservation, as if we'd be turned away if we didn't.

He didn't give us much time to look over the menu. I wanted to relax, unwind a little, process the day (it had been drizzly then sunny then rainy then massive downpour then snowing at Mt Hood, it'd been warm at times, then freezing (36 degrees at Mt Hood), we had spent 9 hours driving a loop around, sight-seeing, we were hungry and tired). I felt like he was pushy and annoyed with us. He seemed absolutely stunned when we refused boxes for the leftovers, so we said we were from out of town. That improved his attitude a bit, but by then our meal was over.

It also didn't help that we were seated near the kitchen because for the last half of meal, we were treated to loud crashes and other banging noises, some of which made me jump and some of which made me wince because I had one of those 'tired headaches.'

I'm shocked by the Urbanspoon rating (90%+) and Yelp reviews (4/5 stars) because I just can't really recommend this place, unless you like tons of old school, so-so tasting food at a fairly reasonable price served with an attitude.

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