Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mother's Bistro & Bar

I'm still recovering from last week's digestive distress. It's getting better but... Saltines and toast aren't exciting blog material. So, back to Portland!

Several people we know who have been to Portland suggested Mother's Bistro & Bar as a place we should check out. In my research, I found lots of positive reviews. Plus, it was within walking distance of our hotel, about 1-2 blocks away.

We didn't go for breakfast or brunch. Instead, we went for dinner. It was another one of those days when we got back to the city between 6 & 7 pm and were hungry and trying to figure out where we could go, within walking distance. SP gave them a call on a Wednesday evening and they said they could accommodate us - plus, they have a ramp they put out for wheelchair users to get up the 2-3 steps outside.
We were seated right away and ordered iced teas. A yummy bread basket appeared and since we were so hungry, we quickly demolished it!
Definitely filling bread. Here's what else we ate:
Salad special of the day: Oregon Strawberry, Toasted Almond and Goat Cheese with mesclun and poppyseed vinaigrette. This was yet another excellent salad experience in Portland. For some reason, in Portland, our salads were usually the highlight of the meal.
SP had the Senegalese Chicken Soup special: chicken, peanut, coconut milk, tomato, lime, cilantro, sour cream. This has several ingredients that I cannot stand, but that SP loves, and he enjoyed this soup a lot.
My entree: the Macaroni & Cheese of the Day Special - bacon, avocado, cheddar, tomatoes, cotija. It was good. I couldn't seem to find any avocado and ended up guessing that it got smushed/melted into the cheese sauce. It was a huge portion and I couldn't finish it all. Lots of bacon and tomato bits.
SP's entree: the Red Snapper Puttanesca daily special - tomatoes, garlic, nicoise olives, capers, orzo pasta, sauteed spinach.
It was a large portion, but he ate it all, even the orzo. He said the fish was nicely cooked and with some of his favorite, briny ingredients (capers, nicoise) a very delicious meal.
SP ordered coffee after dinner. I tried some and it was delicious - it was Stumptown, Mother's Blend.
I really didn't want dessert because I was stuffed, but SP wanted dessert, so I let him pick. He chose a Nectarine Cobbler. It was enormous. Three or four people could have shared it - especially with the scoop of ice cream on top!
It was yummy, but I was too full to truly enjoy it. It was one of those 'we ate a lot of it but there's still a lot left' kind of dishes.
And finally, the 2 complimentary cookies with the check. I had a bite of each but again, I was to full to really appreciate them.
The service at Mother's Bistro & Bar was fantastic. The food was good. It was relaxing. We sat in the dining room, not bar, area. The atmosphere was cozy, greens and yellows, large windows so lots of light. Overall a solid choice and we'd go back for dinner and/or try it for breakfast/brunch.

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