Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Salt & Straw / Blue Collar Baking / Stumptown Coffee

Back to Portland food! First up: ice cream.

Salt & Straw
I found Salt & Straw ice cream shop while doing my research and added it to our list of 'Places To Try.' Then, just a few days before we left, Saveur arrived and named Salt & Straw one of 16 American Ice Cream Shops We Love, so then we really wanted to try it. We had to wait until the last day of vacation for it to be warm enough for us to want to try ice cream!
Thank goodness for GPS or else I am not sure we would have found it! There are several locations. We went to the one on NE Alberta Street. You have to park on the street and we were lucky to find a spot close by. It seemed like a lot of people were out for ice cream at 2 pm on a sunny Thursday.
There were so many flavors I wanted to try. Cinnamon Snickerdoodle. Honey Lavender. Sea Salt & Caramel. SP didn't want to try a sample of four scoops (I really wanted to, but didn't think I could eat as much as I would have had to eat) so we settled for sharing a half scoop of Chocolate Chip Mint Julep & a half scoop of Stumptown Coffee with Burnside Bourbon.
Both were delicious. Neither was especially boozy. We both left wishing we had more time and more stomach space to try some of the other flavors.
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Blue Collar Baking Company
Blue Collar Baking Company was right next to/in our hotel. Every day we walked past the windows, lined with old style lunch boxes, bundt pans, rolling pins, and various dough boy figurines. I loved it! Then we saw the 'We're Not Afraid of Butter' sign and knew we'd have to try something at some point.
One morning we stopped in and bought a pumpkin & ginger mini bundt cake, which we took on one of our road trips.
We shared it in the car and it was a very tasty mini bundt. Moist cake. Great flavor. Fighting over who got the last bite.

Another morning, we stopped in and bought 2 cookies for our day trip. I got good old chocolate chip:
It was thin with chips as islands, but moist. Good cookies. SP got a cranberry & white chocolate chip cookie:
It seemed a little small, but he said it was quite tasty. I liked the mini bundt much more than the cookies and wish we could have tried the other mini bundt cake flavors. Next time!

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Stumptown Coffee
Going to Portland and not trying Stumptown Coffee is like going to Portland and not trying Voodoo Doughnut. You just have to. We had tried several Stumptown blends at restaurants but had not actually gone to a Stumptown Coffee shop because they were always closed by the time we were ready for evening tea or coffee. Our last day in Portland, we drove over to the Stumptown Annex.
It turns out the Annex is not a coffee shop. They do not sell cups of coffee or lattes. They do sell whole beans. Fresh roasted beans. So we bought a couple of bags of coffee to bring back home - a house blend and a decaf.
The coffee we've brewed at home in our press pot has been delicious!
I think I like the Stumptown Coffee better than the Blue Bottle Coffee!

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