Wednesday, July 30, 2014


This past weekend, my stomach finally felt up to having some dessert. But it was being picky - no ice cream. No pudding. No pie. Cookies. It wanted cookies. But not chocolate cookies. For some reason, Snickerdoodles popped into my mind.
I was in my mid 20's when I tried a snickerdoodle for the first time. I had heard of them. Friends would sing their praises. "Oooohhhh - Snickerdoodles. I love snickerdoodles!" I always felt like I was missing out because people always seemed get a glazed look utter happiness whenever they were mentioned. Were they seriously that tasty? And why had my German grandma never made them for me?! (They are possibly German in origin.)
The first time I tried snickerdoodles, I baked them. They were OK. Nothing great, just OK. I was a little mystified because I wasn't quite as enamored with them as others seemed to be. It's been quite a while since that first and only snickerdoodle baking (and maybe even tasting; I can't recall having a snickerdoodle since then). I suggested snickerdoodles to SP and, like almost everyone I know, he said,"Ohhhh I love snickerdoodles!"
I consulted Baking Illustrated for a recipe - I think everything we've made from it has been a hit. The recipe uses a bit of shortening with the butter to get the right consistency and not spread too much and it uses both baking soda and cream of tartar (for the tangy flavor).
These are delicious! Crispy around the edges, soft in the middle. A sugar cookie coated in cinnamon-sugar goodness. Pretty crinkles. While I like snickerdoodles a lot (how can I not with all that cinnamon?!) I don't have quite the same 'oooohhhhhh' reaction as most people I know, but these are darn tasty and a definite make again cookie.

Recipe here.

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