Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Coffee Girl (Astoria, OR)

I get seasick on boats in the ocean. I cannot swim. I don't sail, kayak, row, surf, or paddleboard. Sharks and whales and other ocean critters scare me. The wheelchair cannot go on the beach (the sand means I just sink). But I LOVE the ocean/beach - as in driving/walking along the coast, dining along the coast, just sitting and watching waves crash and thinking about the vast ocean and what lies across the way and what lies beneath and how wonderfully isolating and free and amazing it must be to be on a boat in the middle of the ocean, with nothing to see, just the ocean and the sky.
At times, I dearly miss living in Monterey, CA, being able to walk a few blocks to the ocean and sit there, watching the waves. Waking up to the sound of barking sea lions. The smell of the ocean. I cannot tell you how excited I was for our trips to the coast when we were in OR. I was so happy SP found this little place, out on a wooden pier, with a fantastic view:
The Coffee Girl in Astoria, OR. Look at that view, right in front of me, as I enjoyed some lunch.
SP's Split Pea Soup with toasted bread. Very thick, chunky split pea soup. He said it was very flavorful and he loved it. I don't like split pea soup, and that looked like baby food to me!!!!
We shared a Turkey~Tomato~Cheddar~Mustard Panini. Tasty panini. Definitely hit the spot. As did the chips. I usually do not eat chips, but on a cool, cloudy, breezy coastal day, with that view, I wanted to linger and enjoy.
Ginger Cookie. Oh my. Such a tasty cookie. Soft in the middle. Crisper around the edges. Lots of great ginger flavor. It was supposed to go with us for a treat later in the day but... I ate it.
It was such a cute place inside. Inviting & relaxing. I really enjoyed our stop here.
Another place on the 'return to if in the area' list.

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