Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Farm Cafe

Our final meal in Portland was at The Farm Cafe. It's in an old Victorian home and it's beautiful inside. Dark wood, deep orange-ish walls, several rooms for dining, a bar in the back room, a patio in back that looked lovely but we opted to dine inside.
Our reservations were for 6 pm, but since it was our last day and we had already checked out of the hotel, we were early because we ran out of things to do! We were seated right away and discovered that being a bit early had an unexpected benefit: being there for the last 10-15 minutes of Happy Hour. We didn't order any of the Happy Hour cocktails, but we did order a $4 appetizer:
Toasted bread with a whipped goat cheese spread. Delicious! We ate all of the bread & cheese!
I ordered a cocktail, mostly because I couldn't resist the Huston - black peppercorn infused Buffalo Trace bourbon, honey, lemon, and maybe something else. It was a bit spicy, but very smooth and tasty. I really wanted a second one, but since we were flying later that night, I decided I should just drink water.
SP ordered another appetizer: Pickled Vegetables. It changes daily and when we were there, his pickled veggies were asparagus, turnips, fennel, and (I think) mushrooms. He loves pickled veggies and ate nearly the entire generous serving. I didn't try any.
His entree was Pan Fried Idaho Trout - coarse sea salt, grilled seasonal vegetables, herb miso butter. It was huge!
I think it was the entire trout (minus the head/eyeballs).
He loved the trout. This dish is definitely an SP kind of dish - lots of grilled veggies, nicely cooked fish with some miso herb flavor. 
No big surprise that I chose pasta - Asparagus-Goat Cheese Ravioli in brown butter sauce. Delicious, thin, ravioli pasta with cheesy, herby, asparagus filling and asparagus tips on top with a brown butter sauce that I think may have also had some lemon. I ate all 4 huge ravioli myself and I even finished eating before SP did, which is unheard of. I think that's the first time I've ever finished eating a meal before him!
My ravioli were filling but not so filling that I didn't have room for dessert. We ordered the Strawberry Tiramisu.
Lovely, ripe berries and cream and just oh so good. Not a heavy, rich dessert. Refreshing. We scraped the plate clean.
The bread slicing station
We both were very pleased with our meals at The Farm Cafe. We also really liked the atmosphere and wished we had felt up to dining outside (we had already spent a lot of time outside in a park and I was covered in some kind of white, fluffy crud that was falling off trees and being blown all over the park so since I felt wind blown, pollen covered, and it was cooling off, we ate inside). Service was fine but a little more laid back than I expected. If /when we return to Portland, this would definitely be on our list of places to dine.

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