Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. Texas SIL and her family have been here for a week. Today is their last day with us. It has been great having them here. Uncle SP has played lots of Mario video games as well as Monopoly and even watched baseball.

2. During their visit, we invited SP's parents to join us for dinner one evening. It was a very nice evening. Not only was it a beautiful day outside, perfect for grilling & sitting on the deck, but it was nice to have a smaller group instead of having SP's entire family over. We grilled burgers and sausages, made fruit salad and tossed salad, and SP's mom brought dessert from Bethel Bakery (yum yums! cupcakes! lady fingers!). After SP's parents left, we lingered outside on the deck, enjoying a fantastic evening, even if a lightning bug did attack my face and even if some mosquitoes bit me.
3. On Sunday we were on our own since Texas family spent the day with BIL's family. SP tried out his new rotisserie for the grill! We still have the rotisserie from our old grill, but it doesn't fit on the new grill, so we had to buy a new rotisserie. We did a chicken!
The finished chicken - golden brown
The foil pan is to keep the dripping chicken grease from causing flare ups that might blacken the chicken! It's nice to have the grill rotisserie again. We made pasta salad to go with the chicken, with lots of herbs from the deck. And some peas from the garden.

4. We also picked some kale from our garden and grilled the kale. Yum!

5. Along with Bethel Bakery treats, we've been enjoying pizzelles and spritz cookies, which SP & I made for their visit.
6. The week has flown by! Sunday was a blur of chores, Monday I had an afternoon appt, Tuesday Texas SIL & I made homemade ravioli (more on that later!), and Wednesday I napped and tried to catch up on my backlog of magazines and Netflix DVDs (yes, I now have had one movie for 3+ months). It's already time to think about dinners & dessert for next week!

7. True Blood. Deaths. So sad. Don't want to give anything away. But we managed to watch the most recent episode (when the nephews were not around - not a show for them to see!) and we both were surprised and saddened by the character who was killed off.

8. Off to enjoy my last day with Texas family. They leave our home tomorrow morning and we probably won't see them until the winter holidays. I think SP needs that much time to get his Mario skills up to par with their skill level!

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