Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. I have sort of made progress with the digestive distress. By Sunday, I had 'progressed' to eating bananas for breakfast, grilled cheese for lunch, and breaded chicken/rice/green beans for dinner. No dessert. I wasn't barfing or anything else, but I was still having the cramping/spasms and not feeling so great.

Then this afternoon, round 2 hit. I am hoping that whatever was messing up my digestive system is now done/gone, but...

2. We were supposed to go out for dinner tonight since all the chicken/rice/green beans are gone, but now I don't want to go out. I'd like to be close to my bathroom this evening. So SP is going to bring home something for dinner.

3. Me being sick means we've been watching a lot of TV. We watched season 2 of Orphan Black over the weekend. We started watching Season 3 of Continuum. and despite our better judgment, we watched the 4th episode of The Leftovers. We are not really enjoying it. There are moments that give us hope, where we see just how good it could be, but overall it's slow, plodding, boring, and such a downer. At least even though everyone is dying/getting sick/about to die on True Blood, there's action and there's Pam & Eric. They are my favorite part of this season so far.

4. I finally watched Saving Mr. Banks. Only had that DVD from Netflix for 3+ months.
5. Last Saturday while I dined on freshly purchased Saltines and toast with strawberry jam, SP made himself tuna salad and stuffed it in an avocado. He said it was delicious. Tuna makes me gag under the best of circumstances, and Saturday was not the best of circumstances. I hid in my office while he ate the stinky tuna. At least he has learned to immediately take the can out to the recycle bin, even if it has been rinsed.

6. I have no idea where we'll dine out this weekend or what we'll cook on Sunday. Right now, nothing appeals to me. Not even lasagna or turkey devonshire.

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