Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Butcher & the Rye, Revisited

This past weekend, we went to Butcher & the Rye. When we ate there in March, we really enjoyed our meal and we've been wanting to return. This time we took Dining Companion along. 

I didn't take my camera because I figured we'd order exactly what we ordered last time, plus it's pretty dark inside so I figured the photos would be lousy. Of course I ended up wishing I had taken the camera because we ordered some different dishes, some daily special dishes, so I used my cell phone to take photos. But I only took 2 photos because I figured they wouldn't turn out -- and because I was more interested in eating than in taking photos!

We ordered 8 small plates to share plus dessert. And cocktails. DC & I had the special cocktail, I think it was called Bed of Roses - ? Bourbon, lime - yum. SP ordered Bee's Knees, a gin & lemon & honey drink.
Burrata and Plum Small Plate (half eaten before I took the photo!)
I don't remember the full description of each dish, so I'll only list what I remember. The daily special dishes we ordered were:
  • Burrata Cheese (with plum)
  • Crudo (cured fish (halibut I think it said) with... other stuff)
  • Escargot (with country bread and bone marrow) 
From the menu, the Small Plates that we ordered were:
  • Pig Candy (pork belly, apple kim chi, miso caramel, cilantro)
  • Brussels Sprouts (brown butter, dill, parmesan, lemon aioli)
  • Sunday Gravy (lamb neck, tomato, ricotta, country bread)
  • Caesar Salad (with kale, tomato, and anchovy garlic bread)
  • Mac & Cheese (fontina, taleggio, goat cheese, cheddar, parmesan)
Dessert: S'Mores (bourbon marshmallow, chocolate rope, brown butter fried ice cream, graham cracker)
Everything was devoured. Everything was delicious. I didn't try everything (the fish, the pork belly, Caesar salad) but I did try the escargot and have to say they were pretty darn tasty. I've only seen them in a creamy, garlicky sauce in puff pastry at restaurants, so this was a nice change. The burrata was so creamy and light. The Sunday Gravy was again delicious, but of course I slopped red sauce on my white shirt. The Mac & Cheese is so creamy and cheesy.

We were again very happy with our drinks and food and service. I'm already looking forward to our next visit. DC even enjoyed everything - she loved what I call the eclectic rustic decor, and enjoyed trying all the different plates of food. I think she's already plotting her next visit, too!

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