Monday, August 4, 2014

Double Wide Grill

Cup of Vegetable Chili
This past weekend, there was another family birthday dinner, this time for Z's husband. He chose Double Wide Grill on the South Side. I was kind of excited - yay, somewhere new to us, and not a chain, but also not so thrilled because parking is always a pain on the South Side, even more so when you're in a wheelchair and trying to find a low curb, blah, blah. Plus, it was supposed to rain, and walking several blocks in the rain, in a wheelchair, and getting in/out of a car parked along a curb in the rain always results in super drenched Yum Yum & SP. It was still sunny and not raining at 4 pm so we figured we'd be OK.
Platter with ribs, smoked brisket, pulled pork. cole slaw, cornbread, sweet potato fried
Double Wide Grill is in a former gas station. There's gas station stuff as decor, a couple flat screen TVs, and the garage doors were open - which annoyed me because with rain moving in it was quite humid and I cannot stand being out in humidity. We sat inside, right next to the open the garage door, and I didn't feel any a/c or fan. Ick.
Smoked Brisket Sandwich
The menu has vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free sections, but to me, this place is all about the BBQ and the smoked meat. SP's dad enjoyed his platter of ribs, pulled pork, and smoked brisket. The meat just fell off the rib bones. SP said his chili and tilapia tacos were OK. My smoked brisket sandwich was OK. Lots of meat. I didn't like the BBQ sauce - it was too thin for my liking. Z had a brisket platter, the birthday boy had a pulled pork platter, SP's mom had a burger, and G had a shrimp salad. I don't know what they thought of their meals - Z and her husband seemed to like it but I got the impression SP's mom wasn't too thrilled with her meal, but I could be wrong.
Tilapia Tacos w/side of broccoli
The iced tea was fresh brewed, which I appreciate. SP like the beer selection. He had an East End Monkey Boy beer.

We didn't have any problems with service. Our server was friendly, kept the drinks filled. It didn't take a long time for our our food to arrive (then again, we met for dinner at 4:30 and we were pretty much the only people there besides maybe a couple other tables just having a beer/cocktail).

All in all, it was fine. It's not a place I'm going to ever suggest to SP or any of my friends, but if it gets picked for a birthday dinner in the future, it'll be fine.

And yes - around 5:30~5:45 the rain started. We tried to get back to the car before it started pouring, but since we ended up parking in a parking garage over by McCormick & Schmick's/South Side Works area, we only made it half a block before the torrential downpour. I had a choice of covering my head and the leftover food/my purse in my lap or covering my knees with the umbrella. I opted for my head, so the lower half of my jeans and my tennis shoes were drenched by the time we got to the car. SP looked like he had just gone swimming in the river in his clothes. It was awful. We peeled our soaking clothes off when we got home and used the hair dryer to dry our hair. Ugh!

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