Monday, August 11, 2014

Lunch at Arpino Trattoria

Last week, on a beautiful, sunny, warm afternoon, I went to lunch at Arpino Trattoria in Mt. Lebanon. My Dining Companion and I decided to sit outside. The restaurant is set back from the busy road and parking lot, so it's quite quiet and peaceful.
I ordered the exact lunch I had the last time I ate at Arpino. A small salad to start:
Tasty greens, cucumber slice, tomato, Italian dressing. There was crusty bread with a delicious dipping oil:
Both of us had the Penne Vodka for lunch:
Still thick, triangular, al dente penne in a creamy, tomato-y sauce that I couldn't stop eating. I think the menu says that their pastas are either homemade or from Fede Pasta (I still really want to make the trip to Cenacolo!), so no matter which pasta I chose I figured it'd be delicious. I added a meatball to my pasta:
Still a moist, melt in your mouth meatball with delicious marinara. Dining Companion ordered sausage with her penne:
Three sausage pieces, each about 3 inches long, in marinara. She said they were tasty sausage but a little spicy for her. She sent the leftovers home for SP who said he could see why she thought they had a kick to them but that he didn't find them too spicy.
Of course I cannot resist dessert - especially this one. Just like the previous visit, I ordered the Cannoli and we shared it. Two soft pizzelle cannoli with smooth, creamy, light cannoli filling sandwiched in between and a dollop on top. Really good.
We both enjoyed our food very much and really liked being able to sit outside on such a nice day. Our server was a very friendly young lady who chatted with us and mentioned that she's only been there a couple of months. Another young man who told us he was new also served us and he was quite friendly and nice.

A lovely afternoon, and still a place to which I'd return. I really like the Penne Vodka and the Cannoli dessert.

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