Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Orange Mint Julep

Around here, Sunday afternoon is cocktail time. Sometimes cocktail hour starts at 3 pm, sometimes as late as 6 pm, but almost every Sunday, we take a break from whatever we are doing and sit down to enjoy a cocktail (or wine, or beer). Much as I really like the Old Fashioneds SP makes for me, this past weekend, I was in the mood for something a little different, but something still with bourbon: Orange Mint Julep.
I saw this cocktail in an issue of Bon Appetit several months ago, before the mint started growing. I've been not so patiently waiting for our mint to get big enough to try this drink. Of course by the time it was big enough, I had forgotten all about this cocktail! Then last week when I was adding newly ripped out recipes to my recipe binders, I saw it and decided it was time.
There's a little bit of advance planning required. One, having orange bitters on hand, although I suppose aromatic would be OK. And two, making the orange simple syrup. Simple syrup is easy. This one required the addition of orange peel and a couple of hours to cool & steep before straining out the orange peel.

Minty, citrus-y, cool, refreshing -- this is really, really tasty! Our refrigerator doesn't have an automatic ice cube dispenser/ice crusher and we didn't feel like digging out the blender to crush ice, so we just used one of our super large ice cubes.

Now we have 2 kinds of bitters: original aromatic and orange.

And we have leftover orange syrup for next weekend since I had only one cocktail and SP chose beer.

I think I know what I'm sipping next Sunday afternoon...

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