Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. At the end of May/early June, we planted sunflowers. We've been watching the seeds grow and grow and grow and at last, we have sunflowers. Huge ones! The flowers are bigger than SP's head! They're planted where we cannot really see them from inside the house, so SP cut some for me and we put them in a vase.
The stems are so thick and the flowers so huge and heavy that moments after the top photo was taken, the three sunflowers decided to make our evening a little less sunny and they tipped their vase over, sending water everywhere. Grrr!

So we got out my great-grandma's super heavy glass water pitcher for one sunflower and we dug out an old, large utensil holder for the other two. No more tipping over! They make me smile every time I go in the kitchen.
2. Tomatoes! Since that photo was taken last weekend, we have eaten the majority of the tomatoes. Some were from our garden, some from the CSA, and some from the farmers market.
3. Last weekend our Saturday Dinner Out was at Burgatory. I'm a little addicted to the bacon jam and the sweet potato chips plus this special shake sounded yummy: Strawberry Nutella. It was indeed yummy - and spiked with Amaretto.

4. Somehow I have 3 library books and just 6 days to read them before they all are due. Oops. I spent yesterday reading the 'lightest' of them, Unlucky 13. These Women's Murder Club books are so... fluffy. I've been reading them since they first came out, but they've definitely declined in quality.They no longer seem well written or thought out and the characters are not really all that interesting anymore. The 3 story lines seemed a little ridiculous and one never really got resolved. Pirates attacking an Alaskan cruise ship? Belly bombs? A heart-broken crime journalist thwarting/out thinking a devious criminal who has eluded police for quite some time?

5. We're still loving Sherlock. The Leftovers got a little more interesting last week, enough that we'll watch the last 2 episodes. True Blood finale this weekend! I've enjoyed parts of this season (Eric & Pam), but overall, it's been a little disappointing and dragging a bit.

6. That's all for Thursday!

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