Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. We've been eating A LOT of local peaches from the farmers market. Juicy and delicious. So much peach flavor. Then one day we woke up and there were no more peaches. Sadness. So SP grabbed the coupon for peaches at Market District. This morning I had one for breakfast.

There's no way that super firm bordering on hard, not juicy, not peachy, not flavorful blob can be called a peach. What exactly did Market District sell us?!!

I couldn't even finish it.

2. We got our deck power washed and sealed this week. The deck looks great, but the poor herbs are suffering. We moved them into the sunroom on Saturday in preparation for the washing (which was done Saturday afternoon). That turned the sunroom into a greenhouse. It smelled so overly herby in there! Not especially pleasant!

The sealing was done on Monday and we were told to wait a few days before moving the herbs and furniture back onto the deck. After 3 days in the sunroom, the herbs were looking sad so Tuesday morning, we moved some of the herbs to the front patio, risking a deer or bunny or groundhog munching on them. So far, so good. Those herbs look much happier now that they've been released from the sunroom.

The ones that had to stay in the sunroom were the ones in the HUGE pots. Way too heavy to carry around! Fortunately, the basil and tomato pots went outside again this morning. They are already perking up from the fresh air and sunshine.

3. I got one of my library books read before the due date! It was The Girls From Corona Del Mar. I really liked this book but it's not a feel good book! The first half is great, and then it kind of gets bogged down, but overall, I enjoyed the read, even if I did speed read/scan the second half.

The book I did not get to was Land of Love & Drowning. I had to return it, unread. Maybe I'll request it again, we''ll see. Meanwhile, I have 4 more books that are ready for pick up/in transit, so looks like a lot of reading over the holiday weekend.

4. My parents are moving back to Pittsburgh this weekend! We're excited to have them closer, but kind of sad that we no longer have a free place to stay in Las Vegas! They'll be staying with us for a bit until their new place is ready.

5. Zero progress on the office light situation. Hoping for some this weekend.

6. The first car repair quote was ridiculous. I have no idea what this jerk was doing. First off, we specifically said to only quote repairing the driver door. I have no idea why car repair jerk decided to quote repairing the front bumper where some other jerk with a trailer hitch backed into us and gouged the bumper (but of course left no note). I have no idea why car repair jerk quoted a bunch of repair work for the rear door. There's nothing wrong with it. I also have no idea why the quote says 'royal blue' for the side mirror when we have a silver car. And I have no idea why fixing a 12 inch crease in one of 4 doors would take 8 days when we've had much more extensive work done on other cars that took far less time.

Car repair jerk has not responded to requests for explanation and clarification.

So. $1500 repair cost plus 8 days in the shop plus 8 days of car rental and now I really want to kill the idiot who did this to our car. If that's what it is really going to cost us, maybe we should just go through the insurance...?

We are getting other quotes.

7. Hope everyone has a fun 3 day holiday weekend!


  1. Your ‘Thursday thought’ list definitely has a lot of good things in it. Though that car repair quote must've been very frustrating, to say the least. Getting another quote is really the best thing to do in this situation, to ensure that your car will receive the proper repairs. How was it anyway?

    Gale Freeman @ Crash Auto Glass

    1. We did get another quote, just for the driver door, and it was much less, so we got it repaired. It just got repaired yesterday and is now the best looking part of the car!

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