Friday, August 22, 2014

White Chocolate Ice Cream with Candied Cherries & Stracciatella

Sadly, summer is coming to an end. I feel like it has flown by way too fast. Even though autumn is my favorite season, I'm just not ready for pumpkins. I am more than willing to stay stuck in summer if it means I can enjoy cold treats like this: White Chocolate Ice Cream with Candied Cherries & Stracciatella.
The recipe is from - where else?! - A Perfect Scoop. I never much cared for white chocolate as a kid. My appreciation for it has grown with my age. White chocolate is tricky, though - it can be bad, chalky and pasty and just disgusting. Or, it can be a very high quality one that is so smooth and creamy. That's what I envisioned for this ice cream.
I wanted to mix something into this ice cream, just in case the white chocolate flavor wasn't strong enough or satisfying enough. The stracciatella from the Gianduja-Stracciatella Gelato we made in July seemed like a good idea.

In his book, Lebovitz suggests candied cherries as a mix in for this ice cream. I like cherries a lot and it was tempting, but I kept remembering the laborious process of making candied orange peel and thinking, no, candied cherries will be too much work, too time consuming, we have so many other things to accomplish over the weekend.
But then I actually took the time to flip to the candied cherry recipe and read it. Oh my gosh - so simple! Basically, cook cherries in a pot with water, sugar, and lemon, cool, refrigerate then drain and chop before mixing into ice cream. So we decided to make the cherries.
So worth it. This is a really, really good ice cream. One of our favorites. I know I have been saying that about every ice cream we've made this summer, but this summer, we've made some really, really good ice creams. The white chocolate ice cream definitely has a very nice white chocolate flavor, it's smooth and rich and creamy. The wee bits of stracciatella add a nice chocolaty crunch. And the cherries - something about cherries and chocolate - so tasty! They were not too sweet/sugary.

Another make again ice cream. Pretty soon we're going to have way too many 'really want to make again' ice creams and not enough time in the summer to make and eat them.

White Chocolate Ice Cream recipe here.
Stracciatella recipe here.
Candied Cherries recipe here.

*After churning and placing in the freezer, it took 36-48 hours for the ice cream to be more frozen solid and less melty soft. We still ate it after 8-9 hours in the freezer, but it was very soft and melted quickly. It got better (taste & texture) as it aged.
**We used Lindt white chocolate candy bars (not baking bars or baking chips)
***We used chocolate chips for the stracciatella even though the recipe says not to use them.

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