Monday, September 29, 2014

Cappuccino Biscotti

Sometimes I get really in the mood for a dessert. The most recent craving was for biscotti. At first I was thinking Spiced Biscotti, but then as I was flipping through Sweet Maria's Italian Cookie TrayI re-discovered Cappuccino Biscotti. The last time we made them, I didn't think they were especially tasty. Every time I thought of making them again, I changed my mind because I didn't have fond memories. But this time, I decided to give it another try.
This time they turned out much, much better. In fact, they were so tasty that we couldn't stop eating them! I could definitely taste the coffee and the cinnamon. Plus, this time, we didn't 'burn' them. Last time, they were way too hard, even with dunking, so they were not very enjoyable. This time, softer and no dunking required.
I think there are a few reasons they were not so crisp/hard this time:
  • Even though we baked them for 25 minutes, they were still a tad undercooked inside.
  • We let the loaves cool before slicing them. This resulted in less crumbling and less jagged edges that burnt when toasted.
  • We did not toast the sliced biscotti for as long as suggested. We toasted one side  for 5 minutes, then flipped them and toasted them another 3-4 minutes. The slightly smushy centers finished cooking and the edges crisped  nicely.
Definitely a 'make again' biscotti.

Recipe here (page 82)

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