Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Coffee Ice Cream

I do not enjoy cold desserts in cold months which means that the end of homemade ice cream season is approaching. I'm not sure if we'll make anymore this year, so it's possible that this Coffee Ice Cream is our last homemade ice cream of the year. If it is, it was an excellent choice.
We've made coffee ice cream before and it has been very good, but this time, we decided to try the Coffee Ice Cream recipe in A Perfect Scoop.
It's delicious! Excellent coffee flavor. Smooth. Creamy. We decided to add stracciatella so there are wonderful crunchy bits of chocolate throughout the coffee ice cream. We also added a bit of Kahlua when we churned it.
Sadly, not only are ice cream days ending, but deck dining days are coming to an end as well. This past Sunday was a lovely night for dining outside and enjoying the cool weather, the freshly sealed deck, and some excellent homemade ice cream after a Steelers win and a Pirates win.

Recipe here.

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