Monday, September 8, 2014

Downey's House

One of our favorite places to go for dinner in Robinson is Downey's House. It's very close to home - we could probably walk. I know I've written about DH before, but I wanted to do so again not just because it was actually light enough inside to take some photos (cell phone photos) but because the people are always really friendly and the food is yummy, too.

DH opened in May 2008, just one month before we moved into our home in Robinson. The owners/manager spent some time working at The Main Hotel in Carnegie - some readers might remember it. Sadly, it closed a few years ago. Happily, some of The Main Hotel's dishes have made it onto the DH menu
I always read the entire menu and then think about what to order and then order the same things as always. To start, we always share an order of Fried Zucchini, choosing the marinara over the horsey dipping sauce. The menu says that these are an old family recipe from The Main Hotel. We love these battered and fried planks of zucchini and always take home about half or a little less than half.
I've ordered several things on the menu for my meal and while all have been tasty, I am in love with the Meatball Hoagie. It's four meatballs with melted provolone & marinara on a hoagie roll. I always choose the side of pasta (instead of fries, cole slaw, chips & salsa, potato chips). It's huge! I always take the pasta side and half the hoagie home for 2 more meals. The meatballs are so moist and delicious. I love the hoagie roll. Slightly crunchy from the toasting and just a really good hoagie roll.
SP chose the Turkey Reuben - turkey, Swiss, cole slaw, thousand island dressing. He said it was tasty.

Why do we like Downey's House so much? It's close to home. The people are very friendly, they remember/recognize us when we go in and chat with us. Homemade iced tea. Casual, family atmosphere. TVs for watching sports. Tasty food. Huge portions. Reasonable prices.

In addition to the meatball hoagie, I really like the Chicken-Bacon-Cheddar Rolls and Spinach Rolls. Other people we've gone with have really enjoyed the enormous fish sandwich, hot sausage sandwich (Ricci's sausage), seafood bisque, wings, and salmon. If you're in/near Robinson you should give DH a try.
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