Monday, September 15, 2014

Mercurio's, Revisited

A couple weeks ago during one of our 'where do you want to eat dinner' debates, I realized that we had not yet made it back to Mercurio's. After our first visit last February, we had been saying we wanted to back when it was warmer for gelato. Warm months are almost over! So we went to Mercurio's.

We both really like Mercurio's. This time we started with Insalata Della Casa - spring mix, mozzarella, grape tomatoes, parmesan, olive oil, balsamic.
We shared 2 pizzas. The Lasagna (tomatoes, mozzarella, Italian sausage, ricotta,oregano, olive oil) and the Primavera Con Carne (tomatoes, mozzarella, artichokes, roasted red pepper, prosciutto, olive oil).
We each eat 2-3 slices and take the rest home for lunch the next day. Both pizzas are delicious. I really like their thin, chewy crust and we fight over who gets the pieces with the crust bubbles! There are so many kinds of pizzas and everyone has their personal favorite, but for us, this is one of our favorite pizzas.
The main reason for going: gelato on a warm late summer evening. I chose Black Cherry Bordeaux in a waffle cone. It had bits of cherries and chocolate in it. So good! SP chose Mango Peach, which he really liked. I think he liked my gelato more than his and he made a few comments about how I 'stole' his flavor but I shared with him!
I wish it was a little closer to us because we really like the pizza and gelato, the casual atmosphere, and the servers are friendly, but we don't mind making the drive too much because the pizza and gelato are so tasty!

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