Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Peach & Blue Cheese Toasts

We are devouring peaches! Can't get enough of them. This time, we grilled and sliced some for these Peach & Blue Cheese Toasts.
The recipe was in the August 2014 issue of Bon Appetit. Last year I really enjoyed a salad with grilled steak, grilled peaches, and blue cheese, so I figured I'd enjoy this as well. The only problem was convincing SP to buy blue cheese - he does not like it!
I have to admit I can understand why. It's that veiny, blue mold streak. And general stinkiness. I like blue cheese dressing much more than blue cheese itself. Also, I prefer blue cheese mixed into something, like a salad. I can't just start snacking on it the way I can with most cheeses.
Grilled peaches. So good!
SP grilled slices of a country bread. Then we spread the cheese on top (it got all melty and ooey - yum!). Put some peach slices on top the cheese bread. Topped it with some arugula. Squeezed a lemon wedge on top. Ate.
It was really good, if a little messy. My arugula kept flying all over the place and my peaches slid off the melty cheese! But the great thing about eating in the privacy of your own home with a loved one is that no one cares how much food you smear on your face or shirt or the table. You just eat and enjoy.

We'll definitely make these again. We ate them with grilled lamb chops and extra arugula and tomatoes on the side.

How our version differed from Bon Appetit's version:

*We grilled the peaches. We didn't blanch and peel them.
*We didn't mix peach juice with lemon and honey. We omitted the honey and squeezed lemon wedges on top the entire creation.
*We didn't season the bread with salt.
*We didn't top the toasts with a purslane/arugula salad with the peach-lemon-honey dressing. We just put plain arugula on top the toasts.

Recipe here.

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