Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. It seems like the weeks are just flying by. Labor Day weekend is over and it's suddenly September. Time for kids to go back to school, football to start, and for Christmas decorations to show up on display in stores. Over the weekend we went to Garden Ridge (turns out it is now called At Home, or something like that) to look for non-holiday stuff and when we walked in we were greeted by tons of Halloween stuff. When we turned the corner, we came face to face with Christmas trees & wreaths & ornaments. Ugh!

2. Along with my holiday decoration annoyance, I'm more than a little annoyed with the pumpkin spice love the past 2 weeks. I am not ready for pumpkin stuff! It's still summer, it's still warm, it's not time for syrupy, sweet, calorie laden pumpkin lattes! Not until it's cool and the leaves are changing colors and falling off the trees!
3. We are still enjoying our sunflowers. This one is in a pot and is a different kind than the ones we planted out front, but it's still sunny & happy!

4. We are still enjoying tomatoes! Look at all the guys from our garden:
Sadly, the big tomatoes seem to be getting attacked and eaten by stink bugs so we aren't getting too many of those. I hate those bugs.
5. We also are still enjoying peaches. This past weekend, it was time to make the annual late August/early September peach pie!
As usual our crust edges drooped a bit but that's OK - it was still flaky and yummy.
I was a little disappointed in my lattice. It didn't look quite as pretty as last year's. Oh well.

6. We got my office light fixed! I have a working fan and a working light! Pretty darn excited about this.
7. We decided to see if we could grow herbs indoors over the winter months so we bought little pots and planted seeds this weekend. We'll see what happens! They're starting outside, and then when it gets too cold outside, we'll move them into the house.

8. I read The Vacationers. It was light but not too light and quick and entertaining enough.

Now I have 4 more library books to read. At least they all are 3 weeks books and not all 1 week books!

9. We started watching OITNB on Netflix but I am not yet hooked. I like it enough to keep watching and it seems to be picking up, but I wasn't instantly hooked like I was with Sherlock or Downton Abbey or Scandal.

10. My parents moved from Las Vegas back to Pittsburgh! They sold their house much faster than they expected and drove back over Labor Day weekend. They've been staying with us until the movers get here with their stuff (tomorrow). Excited to have mom & dad back in town after 20 years living elsewhere.

11. We're planning our 'first Steelers game of the season menu!' I'm not quite ready for it to be football season, but I am happy to have an excuse to eat chips and dips for lunch on Sundays!

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