Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. Today is the 9/11 anniversary. It still makes me incredibly sad and teary.

2. Tonight is the Steelers-Ravens game. I'm not sure I can handle another game like last Sunday's game, when they completely wilted and allowed the Browns - the Browns! - to score 24 points and tie the game. Plus, I loathe the Ravens.

Also, currently, I'm kind of conflicted on the NFL (Ray Rice, domestic violence). On the one hand, I feel like a bad person for watching the NFL. On the other hand, I do love watching the Steelers and waving my Terrible Towel and throwing my little football across the room.

What's a girl to do?????
3. Whether or not we watch the game tonight, we have leftover beer cheese dip & beau monde dip for snacking. Last Sunday we made ourselves a special opening day snack treat. Usually we only have special game snacks on opening day and Super Bowl day.

4. The Warm Beer & Cheddar Dip is the same recipe we made last September and it was just as delicious, although this time we used pumpernickel not rye bread.
Droopier than usual chives
5. The herbs are looking a little wilty and sad. Must be because garden season is nearly over here.
I don't know what happened to the basil. Instead of growing like a tree, it sort of split and flopped over, leaves are not bright green, some leaves are bug eaten. It just looks sad.
The deck pot tomatoes look sad, too - and we caught some stink bugs crawling on them. Eeeewwwww!
6. Last Friday I had to go to the doctor for a test, a test that I really do not like having done because it really hurts. I was grumpy and stressed out. So SP stopped at Better-Maid on our way in and bought me donuts! Two Boston Cream and a cherry for me. Two jelly filled and a cherry for him. I was sad they were out of apple fritters but the Boston Cream were darn good.

7. The new (and final) season of Boardwalk Empire started! I cannot wait to see where it all goes and how it ends. The Leftovers ended and I'm still undecided about the show. We are 8 episodes into OITNB and I am also still undecided about it.

8. I've got a stack of library books. It's overwhelming. Why does everything I request show up at once?! I miss the days when I could see where I was in the request queue. Back then I knew to wait to add to my request list, but now...

Here's what I read in the past week:

*Lucky Us by Amy Bloom It was meh, kind of interesting, but, overall, just meh. I just didn't care that much about the characters, they never seemed to come alive and they certainly weren't sympathetic characters, I found myself annoyed with their actions and reactions and interactions.

*One Plus One by Jojo Moyes This is the first novel from Moyes that I've read. I really enjoyed this - I was much more invested in these characters than I was with Lucky Us. 

*Personal (A Jack Reacher Novel) by Lee Child What can I say - I love the Reacher novels, I've read them all, they suck me in and I cannot put them down (which made SP really happy last night because he was free to spend all night playing some exciting new game called Destiny).

Three more books in the reading pile...

9. I'm still not ready for pumpkin spice but I am starting to crave apple cinnamon.

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