Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Caramel Filled DelightFulls Chocolate Chip Cookies

These might look like ordinary chocolate chip cookies, but they aren't. They are cookies made with these chips:
Nestle's new DelightFulls. Milk chocolate morsels filled with a flavor. There are several flavors: mint, peanut butter, cherry, and caramel. We tried the caramel filled morsels. They're a bit larger than a regular chocolate chip. You can use any chocolate chip cookie recipe you want with these morsels. We decided to stick with the recipe on the back of the bag, which is the Toll House recipe.
Since SP was busy with chores, I made these all by myself. I even managed to not dump the huge, heavy containers of flour & sugar all over the floor (that has happened before). Since I can't see into the bowl of the stand mixer on the counter, I got out the hand mixer to mix the dough at the kitchen table. I had forgotten how much harder and time consuming it is! The stand mixer sure is nice - if only I could reach it! I even used the stiff and broken and barely functioning cookie dough scoop all by myself to scoop out 4.5 dozen dough balls.
These are tasty. I cut one in half and tried to photograph the interior of the caramel filled morsels. You can sort of see the caramel. They taste just like chocolate chip cookies but maybe with an extra hint of caramel. It's not a strong flavor.
I did everything myself... except for clean up. I left that for SP.


  • I omitted the nuts but added a half cup of regular chocolate chips along with the DelightFulls morsels.
  • I added an extra heaping tablespoon of flour since I omitted the nuts.
  • Since the recipe said 'ungreased cookie sheet' I didn't use the silpats or parchment paper. 

**SP washed the dishes and I dried them. I didn't leave the whole mess for him to clean.

Nestle Toll House Caramel Filled DelightFulls Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe here.

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