Friday, October 3, 2014

Earl Grey Tea Quick Bread

One of my pet peeves is seeing articles/recipes from magazines to which I subscribe tweeted/facebook-ed/emailed before I receive the issue with the article/recipe. I feel that as a paying print subscriber, I should have the print issue first, before the rest of the world (non-paying people) get everything in the issue for free. I suppose I could just cancel my subscriptions, but I am old enough and non-techie (techy?) enough that I prefer print to electronic versions. Even books - I cannot stand trying to read a book on an electronic device.

This happened with the October issue of Food Network Magazine. Their website said the October issue would be delivered by September 26. That didn't happen.
In mid-September I received an email about my 'current' October issue of FNM and look! Here's some of the great recipes you'll find inside! And look! The issue will have 50 Quick Bread Recipes! I like Quick Breads. They're quick. Easy. Tasty. I was excited. I wanted that magazine. Everyday I would check the mail, full of hope & anticipation, only to be letdown. No magazine.
Then last week we were trying to decide on a little something to make for dessert this week. Something not too time consuming. Quick breads are not very time consuming because all you do is make the batter, pour it in a pan, and bake. No portioning out cookie dough scoops or spooning into cupcake cups. No multiple cookie sheets or multiple cooling racks. All I could think about was the 50 Quick Breads - it would be so easy! So tasty! Why wasn't my magazine here?

I caved in and looked it up online. The whole time I was complaining to SP: 'Where's my magazine?' He joined me as I pulled up 50 Quick Breads. We quickly & easily agreed upon the Earl Grey Tea Quick Bread.
Sunday morning we brewed the 3/4 cup strong Earl Grey tea when we made our morning tea. After breakfast, we whipped up the batter in no time. It baked while I showered/he mowed/we ate lunch and cooled while we watched football/made dinner. It's quite nice. I cannot say that I can pick out the Earl Grey tea flavor, but between the tea's bergamot flavor and the added orange zest there's a nice light citrus flavor. Also a nice vanilla flavor. It's moist. We didn't make the tea~honey glaze, which might have added to the flavor, but it's tasty without the glaze.

I'm looking forward to trying some of the other quick bread recipes.

As for my October Food Network Magazine? Still not delivered. But I swiped my mom's issue, which was forwarded here from Las Vegas (I guess they still need to change the address on that magazine).

50 Quick Bread recipes here (Earl Grey is #31 and uses #27 Vanilla as a base)

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