Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Market Street Brewing Company

The first stop on our vacation around the Finger Lakes area was in Corning. We arrived around dinner time after an afternoon of driving and stopping at Kinzua Bridge. After checking into our hotel and freshening up, we headed into town. We had no reservations, no plan, we just had our restaurant research list. We decided to try Market Street Brewing Company.

MSBC has 3.5 stars on Yelp and 88% like on Urbanspoon. So we thought it would be OK bar food. I have no idea how the ratings are that favorable because our experience was awful.
  • It is wheelchair accessible, but there's a bit of a difficult lip at the door and a heavy door that likes to automatically swing shut. The hostess stood there and watched us, doing nothing to help, until the bartender said something to her, at which point in time we had managed to make it over the lip and not get squashed by the door.
  • The hostess then said she had only a booth available, and since it was late and we were tired and hungry we said OK. It was a bit tight getting through the bar area to the booth in the bar area, and as SP & I paused to figure out how best to situate me (transfer me into the booth or just roll up to the end of the table), we were blocking a guy who wanted to get buy, the hostess seemed clueless, there seemed to be general confusion around me as I eyed the booth, and a server started asking the hostess why she wasn't seating us at one of 2 available tables in the next room. ? Why on earth would you put a wheelchair at a booth when a table is available? Why on earth would you put a wheelchair in a tight pathway when there are open and more spacious seats?
  • After we were finally seated at a table, it took 5-10 minutes for our server to come over. She told us the soup of the day and took our drink orders. I asked if the iced tea was fresh (having been burned by awful pre-made crap at gastropubs/brew pubs before) and was told yes. She asked if we wanted unsweetened, we said yes, but asked for sugar on the side.
  • 5-10 minutes later our iced tea arrived. Without sugar.
  • We had to flag down another server to get sugar because our server was MIA/not looking our way when she did walk by.
  • I ordered the soup on the day (Tomato Gouda) and our server said,"Oh, I was just in the kitchen and there's just a little bit left, I don't think there's enough left for a cup of soup, it didn't look like it." ? Well, is there or isn't there? Are you going to check for sure? Or do you not want to be bothered? Is it too much effort? I was flabbergasted, as was SP, and we sat there staring at each other while she stared at us before she said,"Sorry, I shouldn't have told you about it since we're out." ?
SP ordered Mahi Tacos - fried fish filets, creamy jalapeno slaw, corn relish, flour tortillas, topped with zesty remoulade. Isn't it supposed to be fillet not filet? Maybe that was the problem. Filet vs fillet. He did not expect 2 skinny fried fish sticks on 2 small tortillas with a spoonful of corn 'relish' and a plop of sauce. I'm not sure where the jalapeno slaw was. The sweet potato fries, which cost extra (I think), were limp and soggy and gross. If you picked one up, it drooped down.
I ordered MSBC Grilled Cheese - asiago bread baked with smoked gouda and monterey jack, red onion, diced tomato, and basil mayo. I have no idea why a grilled cheese description would say baked, but let's ignore that. I don't think mayo belongs on a grilled cheese, so I asked for no mayo. Given the level of competence exhibited by the time I ordered this, I was afraid to push my luck and also ask for no onions, so I picked them out. The bottom slice of my sandwich was the heel of the bread and I dislike heels so that wasn't too great. I chose chips and salsa. I assumed salsa meant tomato salsa, not corn and black bean, and the menu didn't specify beyond the word 'salsa' so that was another strike since I despise corn and black beans. As for the tortillas... what a pathetic amount. The above photo is before any were eaten. Nine chips.

My final verdict:
  • Terrible, lazy, unaware hostess
  • Terrible, lazy, uninterested server
  • Awful food
  • Sadly small food portions
  • Poor menu descriptions
Given the service we experienced, we left wondering where the adults were at the establishment. The hostess and server were young, but that's no excuse for the service we received.

The atmosphere was more of a King's Family Restaurant or Eat'n Park than brew pub. There were a lot of kids there at 7 pm on a Wednesday.

We would not return to MSBC if we are again in Corning, NY.

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