Friday, October 24, 2014

The Cellar in Corning

For our second, and last, dinner in Corning, we decided to try The Cellar. After our disastrous meal at MSBC, I was really hesitant to try another brew pub/family restaurant in the area, so we decided to try this "modern, fusion restaurant." We made reservations using OpenTable. Inside, it's dimly lit. Upscale. When we were seated, the hostess left us with a tablet to explore all the wine options as well as beers and cocktails. You could search the wine by white/rose/red, by region, by grape - we got a little geeked out by it, exploring all the possible search approaches and such. I think we played, I mean, thought about what to order for about 10 minutes.
SP chose a Sazerac (rye, absinthe, bitters, simple syrup, orange peel) and I chose a glass of 2012 Steltzner Bordeaux Blend. We both liked our choices and stuck to one alcoholic beverage each.

The menu is comprised of tapas (small plates), salads, flatbreads, and entrees. We ordered several dishes and shared everything. We also ate everything.
SP chose Pickles - an assortment of seasonal vegetables. I'm not a fan of pickled veggies, so he got to keep this all for himself. He loves pickled veggies, so this was a big hit.
Lamb Lollipops with chevre, fig demi-glace, crispy prosciutto, and mint. For me, these were the highlight of the meal. Delicious lamb, a local goat cheese, lots of tasty sauce, a bit of mint, and crispy, salty prosciutto chips. Yes, I ate two of the three lollipops. Honestly, SP is lucky he got one of them!
House Salad with mixed greens, caramelized walnuts, tart cherries, balsamic vinaigrette. A very tasty salad, dressed just right.
Pumpkin Ravioli (half order) - spiced pumpkin, smoked tomato cream, pepitas. This was very good, but the flavors were pretty... bold, maybe, is the word I am looking for, and a half order was just right to share. I'm not sure I would have enjoyed them as much if it had been a full order just for me.
Trying to get a photo of the inside of the ravioli. I really liked the smoked tomato cream sauce. Smoky. Spicy from the pumpkin. A great autumn dish.
Day Boat Sea Scallops (half order) - spiced New England pumpkin puree, pear & fennel compote, chestnut foam, toasted pecans. Another very fall-like entree. The scallops were nicely cooked but a little thinner than I am used to for day boat scallops. The pumpkin-pear-pecan-chestnut flavors worked nicely together and we scooped up all the sauce.
We shared an order of the daily special flatbread. It had apples, goat cheese, and sage, and maybe some kind of apple cider reduction but I might be thinking of another, similar flatbread we had on the trip. It was very tasty. The flatbread was nice and crispy and chewy and I really liked the crumbled sage with the apples and cheese. It doesn't look like there was a lot of sage, but it was just enough to flavor each bite and not be too much of a good thing.
For dessert, we ordered a medium press pot of coffee. It was 17 ounces, so enough for us to each have a cup, which is all either of us wants right after a meal. It came with a small hourglass timer so we knew when to press the plunger.
We were too full to each order dessert, so we had to negotiate a shared dessert. I didn't want pumpkin cannoli because I had enough pumpkin with the ravioli and scallops. SP isn't a fan of s'mores (but I LOVE them!) so I agreed to pass on the s'mores. We ended up agreeing on the Caramel Apple Creme Brulee. It was interesting. I had not had a creme brulee with chunks of stuff in it before. This had thin slices of apples in the creme brulee. I'm not sure I really like having chewable chunks of fruit in my creme brulee. It was tasty, but I think I prefer straight, creamy creme brulee. It was nice for something different, and the creme brulee itself was very good.

Overall, we really enjoyed our meal at The Cellar. Our server was friendly and didn't rush us. We enjoyed all of our food. It is a great place for a date night on vacation dinner. I liked enjoying a little bit of a lot of dishes. If we are back in Corning, we would definitely return to The Cellar.

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