Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. Let's start off with a rant.

My billing problem with UPMC is still not resolved.

  • They never faxed the form I asked them to fax (I asked on 9/26) because they decided the problem wasn't the form (even though 2 insurance companies said it was). 
  • Then on Oct. 1 they told me they were working with insurer #2 to resolve the issue and it would take about a week and they'd be in touch. 
  • Meanwhile on Oct. 6 they started calling me weekly, requesting payment and when I explain the issue and ask why they are calling me about an unresolved issue, they say, oops, sorry we don't read the notes, we just call. Then I get frustrated and angry and raise my voice and ask what they are doing to resolve this and why can't they fax a form and they say, oh, we don't have to take this/listen to you. Click. Call terminated.
  • On Oct. 17, UPMC offered me an explanation for why insurer #2 won't cover it. It's different from the explanation insurers #1 & #2 tell me. I said fine. 
  • So I called insurer #2 for clarification on how the 2 insurances work together so that I don't find myself in this kind of nightmare again and I explained what UPMC told me. 
  • Insurer #2 told me that what UPMC just told me is incorrect, that my original understanding of how the insurances work is correct, and that they would cover this bill even if insurer #1 didn't but the reason why they didn't this time is because of the missing form that UPMC won't fax to insurers #1 & #2. 
  • Insurer #2 can't make payment on a claim that insurer #1 processed with no patient liability. 
  • It was processed with no patient liability because UPMC didn't send the form to insurer #1. 
  • Insurer #2 now has a 3rd insurance party involved (local office of insurer #2). 
  • On Oct. 17 #3 sent UPMC a fax and asked for the form and some other info to be faxed to them. 
  • On Oct. 21 insurer #2 called me to say that UPMC had not yet responded to the fax from #3 but that they'd keep me posted.

So sorry if I am super frustrated and raising my voice and yelling and being a bitch to UPMC reps, but really? Not faxing one stupid form that has been requested numerous times by the patient and 2 insurance companies and now by a 3rd insurance party involved in this issue? Not ever calling me back after supposedly investigating on several occasions since August 4? Calling me weekly - no make that harassing me weekly to pay a bill that 3 insurers say I am not liable for? A bill that 3 insurers say is illegal for them to be trying to get me to pay because it violates terms of a contract they signed? Deciding that you don't like my angry tone and bitchy voice which are a direct result of your harassing me and your incompetence and your inability to resolve an issue I called to your attention on August 4? Thinking you, a billing department, know more about how my insurances work than the actual insurances?

Not to mention that the customer rep for insurer #2 has told me several times that UPMC has been unwilling and difficult to work with on this issue.

Yeah. Awesome customer service there, UPMC. Jerks. If it was a $20 co-pay, I'd pay it just to be rid of this headache. I was actually cradling my head in my hands last Friday when I was on the phone with various people. But it's not a small amount and given that my insurers have repeatedly told me I am not liable because UPMC didn't submit the paperwork to make me liable, well, I'm not inclined to pay it when it's more than the cable bill, more than the internet bill, more than the gas bill, more than the electric bill - you get the idea.

2. Last night we watched Snowpiercer. I enjoyed it a lot, and so did SP. I tend to not think too much when I watch a movie, but at the end, when a character who had nothing emerged wearing a warm, fur coat and big, furry snow boots, I asked aloud,"How'd he get the coat & boots? Where'd they come from?" SP shot me this withering look and incredulously responded,"THAT'S you're biggest problem with this movie? Where he got the coat & boots?!"

3. I am so excited for the finale of Boardwalk Empire this Sunday! I can't wait to see how it all ends.

4. I like watching House Hunters but sometimes the hunters annoy the heck out of me. One of the recent episodes I watched featured an older couple with 3 dogs. They "needed" at least a 3,000+ square foot house, at least 3.5 bathrooms, and a pool (or space to put one in) for one of the dogs. How can 2 people need that much space? That many bathrooms? And how can you possibly think it's reasonable/makes financial sense to put in an in ground pool for a dog?

5. I need a cookie to take my mind off this UPMC billing issue problem. And a cup of tea. And maybe another blood pressure pill.

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