Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. Last Saturday we went to Everyday Noodles for dinner. The soup dumplings are as delicious as ever. We also devoured some pork & shrimp dumplings and a bowl of chicken noodle consomme.

2. After filling our bellies with dumplings and noodles, we went to Gaby et Jules for dessert. They were out of palmiers, so I was a little sad. I got an eclair. I really like the coffee filled eclairs. SP chose Sweet Madeline with apricot mousse and kiwi gelee on top a madeleine base. We also got a Le Croustillant Aux 3 Chocolats to split. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate layers - yum!

3. We ate our Gaby et Jules desserts later that night while watching a PBS show about The Dust Bowl that we recorded 2 years ago. We are such nerds. It was really interesting. We haven't quite finished it because it's a total of 4 hours. I think we have 1 hour left. I really enjoyed the interviews with the survivors.

4. While in Squirrel Hill, we also stopped in at Margaret's and bought some more tea. Besides buying more Clementine Clove & Ginger Peach, we bought Apple Spice (which we tried last fall and enjoyed), Baroness Grey (Earl Grey tea with citrus bits added), and Orange Cinique (tea with large chunks of dried orange peel and star anise as well as cinnamon).

5. On Sunday we made lasagna - one of my favorite foods. We added mushrooms along with the onion-celery-green pepper mixture and used sausage in the sauce. Delicious and lots of leftovers for quick and easy future weeknight dinners.

6. We've moved the herbs indoors. The indoor herb experiment begins! We brought in the giant pots of rosemary, thyme, and tarragon. As for our little pots, there are seven. All have sprouted, so we'll see how they do.

As for the other giant pots on the deck, those herbs have mostly died and we pulled the dead plants out. The basil, mint, and parsley died because of the recent chilly nights. The chives we left outside - they'll come back next spring and meanwhile, we have some sprouting in a small pot inside. The oregano is OK but will die soon, however, the small pot inside is growing.

7. The birds are back. Not thunking into the window like last spring, but flocks of them, darting back & forth between our house and the woods. On Monday they were flying madly back & forth in the rain. When they got to the house, they zipped right over the bathroom/office corner and I could hear their wings and feet pounding over the roof as if the rain had suddenly intensified to a massive downpour. Some would perch on the edge of the gutter and I could see their nasty little bird feet curling over the edge. Then they'd madly dash back to the woods, then back to the house. It was creeping me out.

The next day I noticed that they're lining up along the deck railing. My recently washed and re-sealed deck railing. Around 10 of them. Sometimes more. They perch there, sometimes pecking at the wood, and hop around and in general annoy me because I do not want bird poop all over the freshly washed deck.

I think they know I'm watching. And being annoyed. A couple of them like to swoop down to the driveway and then swoop up to the kitchen window when I am sitting at the table and come right up the glass, hovering and batting their wings and then swoop over to the deck and look back at the window.

Have I ever mentioned I dislike birds? I do. They're creepy and gross and I wish they'd stay out in the woods area and not come near my deck/house.

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