Saturday, November 8, 2014

Birthday Thoughts

1. Today is my birthday. It feels like any other Saturday. I am lounging in my jammies. SP is out doing errands. I ate a banana for breakfast and an English muffin sandwich for lunch (like I do every day). Birthdays in your 40's are just not as exciting as those in your teens or 20's.

2. SP got me a birthday cake from Bethel Bakery. I wanted to slice into it after lunch, but he gave me a look so I'm not-so-patiently waiting for later tonight.

3. The birthday "festivities" actually started last Sunday when I used my Big Burrito Birthday Coupon at Casbah for brunch.
I changed it up a bit this time. Instead of my usual mimosa, I ordered a bellini. I ordered the usual arugula salad but for my entree, instead of the braised lamb on sourdough, I ordered the brioche French toast with bacon. It was fabulous. Cinnamon swirl brioche, apple compote, bacon, and fruit.

Of course I ordered dessert even though I was full. We shared the s'mores dessert: salted caramel ice cream, chocolate cake with marshmallow filling and graham cracker crumbs on the side, and a marshmallow on top. The most delicious dollop of a marshmallow ever - it seemed like it had a creme brulee sugar shell and there was a lovely crunch when we started divvying it up. Best marshmallow ever.

4. We ate so much last weekend at Grit & Grace and Casbah that all week we ate baked chicken breasts seasoned with herbes de provence and salad for dinner. I think 2 nights we had a healthy brown bread, rosemary ham, provolone, and apple panini. Dessert was a piece of the leftover Halloween candy (we had only 1 trick-or-treater).

5. We're trying to eat smaller meals during the week because from now until the end of the year, the weekends are filled with lots of dining out and holiday parties plus the holidays themselves - all the pies at Thanksgiving and cookies at Christmas.

6. Tonight I'll be over indulging at Park Bruges. Then there will be cake. And maybe leftover Halloween candy.

7. Then this week when I have my annual check up, they'll weigh me and I'll be horrified and I'll realize that in my 40's, it's much easier to gain weight and much harder to lose it than it was for me in my teens and 20's. And I will be sad. But that won't stop me from making SP stop at Better Maid for donuts.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope it was a good day. My birthday is the 23rd, I'm expecting Bethel Bakery as well! My husband's birthday was the 9th, I made an almond sheet cake, it was a big hit.