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This past Saturday I felt well enough to go see White Christmas, our second show of the season, and to go to dinner at a new-to-us restaurant: Sienna Mercato Emporio. We walked over after the show, so we probably arrived a bit before 5 pm. We were seated right away. I spent the first few minutes removing winter weather accessories (scarf, gloves, ear muffs) and blowing my nose since the medicine had started to wear off. Finally I got to look around. Brick wall with logo on it, lots of wood tables, dimly lit, TVs showing various football games, a bar area. Cozy.
SP had busied himself looking over the Draft list. It's huge - I think we counted 15-20 beers on the draft list. I decided to stick with iced tea since as soon as we got home I planned to take a huge dose of medicine! We both ordered fresh brewed iced teas. A water bottle was left on the table so we also had waters. And SP chose Fathead's Up In Smoke, which he really liked.  
At first I thought the menu would be kind of limited - meatballs. Pick your meat and pick your sauce. But there were a lot of dishes that appealed to us so as usual, we over-ordered and shared.  
Pepperoni Fritters, parmesan, marinara, provolone. Eight balls of pepperoni goodness.
Inside the fritter. SP isn't a fan of pepperoni but he tried two and said they were good. I thought they were yummy and pepperoni is something I do not eat much of anymore, so these were a special treat. I ate four and took two home for lunch on Sunday.
More to SP's liking were the Crab Balls Romano, spicy cocktail sauce. Five balls withe horseradish cocktail sauce. We both enjoyed these and ate all five. Interior view:
We couldn't resist trying the Crispy Pickle Chips with bacon-ranch dip. SP is to blame. Ever since he introduced me to fried pickles, if they're on the menu, we have to try them. There were a lot of pickle chips: 
These were tasty and the dip was really good but we could only manage to eat about half of the bowl. The other half went home.
A side of Tater Tots. We had discussions and negotiations - tater tot poutine? Tater tots plain? With a sauce? We just couldn't seem to decide/agree so we went for plain and dipped them in our slider sauces. The tots are yummy - they have a great crispy exterior.
Our three meatballs, served as sliders. 
The Meatball of the Day - Thanksgiving Meatball. Ground turkey, stuffing, sage, cranberry in the meatball with gravy. It really did taste like Thanksgiving in a meatball!
Interior view of the Thanksgiving Meatball. Loaded with good stuff.
SP chose a Spicy Pork Meatball (chili pepper, herbs) with pork bolognese sauce. I didn't try the meatball because it was labeled spicy but I tried the bolognese sauce and it was delicious. I smelled and tasted a hint of a warm spice, like cinnamon, maybe? SP said the meatball was a little spicy but not too spicy and he loved the bolognese sauce.
I chose a Classic Beef Meatball with mushroom gravy. Interior shot:
The meatball was moist and flavorful, the gravy was yummy, but I was getting full so I ate half and took the other half home for lunch on Sunday.
As soon as we saw Warm Ricotta Doughnuts on the dessert menu, we knew we'd be ordering them. Five delicious balls of fried dough coated in powdered sugar and served with hot fudge sauce:
We managed to devour four but had to admit defeat and take the fifth home for a treat on Sunday.

We both really liked Emporio. Our server was friendly and checked with us on the timing of our dishes coming out (which ones should arrive first, etc). It's fun to imagine all the possibilities with 4 meatball options and 9 sauce options plus 4 serving options. It's definitely a place we'll go to again, if not for the first floor meatballs then maybe the second floor pizzas or top floor bar area.

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