Monday, November 3, 2014

Grit & Grace, Revisited

This past Saturday, the new PNC Broadway Across America season started. The first show was Annie. This was a fun show and put smiles on our faces. We were surprised at how young some of the children in attendance were and then not very pleased that parents would bring such young children to a show because throughout the entire show there was constant chattering, whining, constant candy unwrapping and crinkling, the constant shifting in seats, standing up, squirming, pacing, constant trips to the bathroom, all right in front of us -- it was darn annoying.

After the show we went to dinner at Grit & Grace. Our first visit was back in February 2014 when we met some friends after a show. We were early for our 5 pm dinner but were seated right away. Grit & Grace is a small plates/large plates plus dim sum place, so  dishes are meant to be shared and arrived at the table as they are ready. Here's what we enjoyed:
Water, My Dark Storm (rum, ginger beer, lime for me), and the receipt says Dalmatian Club but I don't see SP's cocktail listed online (it was a gin drink).
 House Made Kimchi for SP (from dim sum tray)
Ham & Eggs - smoked ham hock rillettes, egg custard, hot sauce jelly, fresh cheese (from dim sum tray). I really liked this. I loved the crisp top/bottom of the rillettes and the sooth creaminess of the egg and cheese.
Pork Belly Bites - orange, chili, garlic, ginger (from dim sum tray). SP loves his pork belly. He actually flagged down the server carrying around the dim sum tray and got this after he had eaten everything else on the table, sort of a dessert before the real dessert!
Short ribs, cream cheese biscuit, aged white cheddar cheese, bearnaise. I let SP have a tiny bite since this is one of my favorite dishes. It was just as good as the last time, but it seemed a bit different although I can't quite figure out what is different.
Seafood Sausage, roasted fennel, chili puree, clams, charred scallions, dashi, green garlic pistou. SP's appetizer selection.  He said the clams were perfectly cooked, just enough so they were still soft, not tough at all, and were actually more of the star of the meal for him than the titled seafood sausage itself.
Scallops. I do not think the description online is what we had. There were tiny potato cubes that were crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside. We think the large veggie that sort of looked like a scallop until we uncovered it was a turnip, maybe? Turnips are not something we often eat or cook. I think there was some beef cheek, thinly sliced. The scallops were nicely seasoned and cooked.
Seared Hangar Steak with buttermilk fried onion rings and what I think were wedges of squash, some tiny cubes of something that seemed pickled/ever so slightly vinegary, and a delicious creamy sauce of some kind. Not the same as the description online. I couldn't decide which photo was better, so I'm posting both!
Ordering steak is unusual for us. Hangar steak is similar to flank steak and is best cooked rare/medium-rare, but I asked for medium-well and said I knew that would probably make the chef cringe but that's how I wanted it. It was cooked enough for me and yet was still pink enough to have flavor and not be a dried out piece of leather. I am happy it arrived sliced into thin strips. It was very tasty - even SP ate some of it and enjoyed it. The onion rings were amazing!
Dessert. I think our server said this was a take on Dirt...? It was a salted caramel mousse, cookie crumbles, and beet gelee. I definitely liked this better than the fruity pebble dessert we had last time!

I am actually a bit torn on Grit & Grace. I love the atmosphere - dimly lit, the browns and golds, cozy. The hostess and servers are fantastic. The cocktails good. We've enjoyed all our food and not been disappointed with anything we've ordered, but... Perhaps because of the final tally on the bill... Perhaps because it caters more to SP's flavor preferences than mine (miso, garlic, pickling, chili, dashi)... both times I've left a tad disappointed. Not in a "we won't go back" kind of way, just in a "gosh that was an awful lot of money and I feel vaguely unsatisfied and I'm just not sure that when I compare it against other restaurants where we spend that much that it was really worth it" kind of way. But I'd go back.

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