Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Blues

It's a gray, chilly, rainy, and possibly snowy Monday. Some people love winter and cold temperatures and snow. Some have no opinion. But others, like me, don't like any of it. I am a firm believer that it should not snow until mid-December. So this November snow of the past couple of years... yuck. This earlier, colder weather making my 2 broken hips and broken femur and other joints ache... ugh.

Colder, snowier weather means the return of cold season. From 1994 until 2004, my working years, I had the flu once, maybe 2-3 colds, and one bout of the stomach flu. Otherwise, I was pretty resistant to evil germs. Even though I rode the trolley to/from work, I managed to avoid germs.

But since 2004, since I broke my femur, since I've been in the wheelchair, since I've not been working, since I do not get out every day, I've lost my resistance. The tiniest, weakest germ makes me sick.

I was a good girl. I got my flu shot.

But guess what? I'm sick. For the third time in 2014. The arsenal of cold medicine is out. Good thing (?) we were so sick last March and bought all that medicine. I guess someone at Kohl's or the mall or at the doctor's office made me sick. I have a scratchy, sore throat. My nose is stuffed and also drippy. And I ache. Everywhere. I am so annoyed. By my count, I now get 2-3 colds a year. Mine last longer and are much worse than the ones SP catches.

So. Winter. Cold and snow season. Cold and flu season. I do not like it. I'm starting to wonder which warm weather year round office SP can transfer into ASAP.

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