Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thursday Thanksgiving Thoughts

1. Happy Thanksgiving!

2. We will be celebrating the holiday at my parents' apartment, feasting on roast turkey, sausage stuffing, sauteed green beans and mushrooms, roasted Brussels sprouts, and cranberry relish.

3. We are in charge of making the cranberry relish, which SP made Tuesday evening.

4. We also are in charge of pie. My dad and SP LOVE pumpkin pie, so we made a pumpkin pie. I insisted on apple pie, so we made apple pie, too. Two pies. Four people. Sounds good to me.

5. TXSIL and her family have been staying with us, but they are celebrating the holiday at her husband's parents' home. It's a short visit, just 4 days, and they're headed home already Friday morning.

6. Sadly, they have all been sick. I've been trying to avoid germs and not get any sicker or pick up a new sickness. I was feeling better, but yesterday I started feeling sicker again. So frustrating. Today is my 12th day of being sick. Not happy. I'm starting to feel like the house is a giant germ factory.

7. It's a day of giving thanks. I might get grumpy at SP and despair over my health at times during the year and have my moments where everything is NOT awesome, but it's not just on Thanksgiving that I am thankful for SP, for my family, and for my health being as good as it is in spite of several issues.

8. That being said, I am most definitely not thankful for this stupid cold.

9. Hope you have a wonderful day, if and however you choose to celebrate.

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