Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday Thoughts - Resolution!

1. After 3 months and 8 days, my billing issue with UPMC seems to be resolved. Finally.
  • Last week, I did end up paying the amount due in full because in the end, I'm too much of a goody-goody to let something go to collections.
  • After last week's Thursday Thoughts post, I spent another 2 hours on the phone (one call alone was 67 minutes). That same day, SP spent about 45 minutes trying to resolve this issue on my behalf.
  • Yesterday I got a call from UPMC and guess what? They're going to refund the payment because, guess what? The form I asked them to fax way back in September, the form that numerous reps told me was not the issue despite both my insurances insisting it was, THAT FORM WAS THE PROBLEM. The entire problem was in fact exactly what my insurers told me in September - the reps at UPMC just refused to accept that someone at UPMC messed up. The doctor's office may have never even had me sign it, or it got lost when it was sent to billing, or billing lost it/filled out the paper work incorrectly because, guess what? They CANNOT FIND ANY EVIDENCE OF THE FORM. There is no patient liability. They cannot bill me.
  • Coincidence or sexist? The issue got resolved only after SP's one and only call to the final UPMC rep we dealt with. I know I have a soft, quiet, young, little girl voice, but... I'm not a dummy. SP didn't say anything I hadn't already said. Or did he just get lucky and get the one and only capable rep?
  • Now I just have to make sure the refund actually shows up on my credit card.
2. Speaking of UPMC, I had an early morning doctor appointment today. I got my flu shot, so now my arm hurts. In the same arm I had blood sucked out, so that poor arm has lots of band-aids/bandages. My blood pressure is still good (thanks to the medicine). And, best news ever:

I LOST SOME WEIGHT!!!!!! So you know what that means?

 Apple Donut from Better Maid, AKA The Pink House.
We finally got home a little after 11 am (after an 8:45 am appt!) and I ate lunch and then I ate my donut treat. It was sooo good!

Also, no guilt over more birthday cake tonight.

3. My mom and I went shopping on Veterans Day. We first went to Kohl's and gosh was it a mad house. No parking. Lots of people. It was like Black Friday or the mall during the holidays. It was awful. We stood in the check-out line for 20 minutes. Then we went to the mall. That was only slightly better.

Thanks to time spent shopping, I am already sick of holiday stuff. It was a sunny 70 degree day, and yes, it was November, but the holiday music really got to me.

4. I read one of the 4 National Geographic magazines!

5. I was having some eye discomfort. Watery eyes all day long, possibly allergies. Lots of that eye gunk stuff. But also dry, tired eyes. So SP suggested eye drops. He has to put the drops in because I cannot do it. I hate having drops put in my eyes. It's kind of comical because I'm trying to keep my eye open, he's hovering over me, taking aim and preparing to drop a cannonball into my eye and telling me to not squirm but the prospect of that drop smashing into my eyeball has me squirming. The first couple of times, well, let's just say I had Visine running down my cheeks. We are slowly getting better at this.

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