Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. So many thoughts today, Most not appropriate for the blog.

2. UPMC still has not resolved my billing issue. They ignored a request (actually, they've ignored about 3 requests) from insurer #2 for additional information. They've been told they are violating contract terms by trying to collect payment form me. But now they're threatening to send the bill to collections if I don't pay.

I've spent 3 months trying to resolve this. It's impossible to resolve something when one party refuses to participate. Basically, UPMC doesn't care and is lazy and just wants money whether they correctly submitted a claim or not. No do-overs.

I guess my options are:

  • Pay it and be done with it.
  • Pay it and keep after them to submit the proper paperwork.
  • Don't pay it and let it go to collections and affect my credit rating. Which, honestly I am tempted to do. I do not need/want additional credit cards and as for the big items like a house and car, well, I no longer drive so I don't need a car and as for the house, well, I don't work so I'd never get a mortgage on my own anyway nor do I wish to live in a house on my own. SP's credit rating is amazing and that's all we need - I think. My only concern is this bill affecting his rating since we're married. I think it's my debt only, but...
3. I saw the "s" word in the weather forecast. Boo.

4. We watched Edge of Tomorrow this week. It was good, but I got confused at the end and had to have SP explain it to me. Even then I only half understood. 

5. Remember a long, long time ago when I wrote reading updates on Thursday Thoughts? And every week I would write that I still had a pile of National Geographic Magazines to read? Earlier this week when I glanced at the magazine bin by my recliner, it finally registered that, yes, I have not yet read those 4 National Geographic Magazines that are now over one year old. Oops.

6. This weekend, there will be cake. That makes me happy.


  1. Aw, this bums me out -I work for UPMC and as a whole the organization DOES care - often it's a matter of getting the right person on the phone, unfortunately. I think you follow me on twitter - if so, direct message me your email address and in the mean time I am going to ask our patient experience team if we have any intermediaries to handle issues like this.

  2. Contact Lawrence Walsh of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, he does a column titled "Post your Problem". When he gets involved, he does get results.

  3. UPMC is a NIGHTMARE. We went through the same thing with a procedure my husband had. We've switched to AHN doctors and LOVE them.