Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

  • I think my cold is getting worse. Even my mom said I sounded worse when she called this morning. Grrrr.
  • Thank goodness we are not hosting Thanksgiving this year. Thank goodness all we are responsible for is pie. I do not think my stuffy and drippy nose plus aches plus messed up from medicine stomach could handle a meal for 16 people like last year.
  • The clear sign I'm sick: lack of interest in dessert. Actually, in any food. I can't even muster enthusiasm for turkey devonshire or lasagna or braised lamb right now. 
  • We just changed our sheets, but we'll be changing at least the pillow cases again this weekend. Stuffed nose = mouth breathing = drool at night. Also, once the medicine wears off, my nose starts dripping. I woke up to drool and nose drip on my pillow today. Yep. I am quite a catch right now. SP is one lucky guy.
  • I just got the new Michael Connelly novel (The Burning Room) from the library. I've had it for 2 days and haven't started yet. Unheard of. I devour the Harry Bosch novels. I really want to start reading it, but every time I settle into my recliner and open the book, I fall asleep. I'm still on page 1, word 1.
  • I cannot wait for Shonda night tonight! For some reason, I thought last week was the fall finale of HTGAWM and I kept waiting and waiting to see who killed Sam but then... disappointment as I realized I was wrong and had to wait one more week. But tonight is the night!

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  1. feel better! I haven't had this cold yet but know several who have and it's a rough one - don't be surprised if it lasts for a couple of weeks. I do hope you get to enjoy Thanksgiving - and i'm glad your UPMC bill worked out!