Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cucumber Crab Appetizers

My mom made this appetizer for Thanksgiving, but it'd be great at any holiday, or in the summer at a picnic. It's very simple and tasty. Cucumber Rounds Topped with Crab Salad. That's what I'm going to call these. She didn't follow a recipe, and really, you don't have to. You can make any kind of crab salad you like and plop a spoonful on top a cucumber round. Crunchy, crabby - yum!
Basic idea:

Use a regular, fat cucumber, not a skinny English cucumber. Wash it. You can peel it if you want. You can peel stripes if you want. Or leave it be. Slice it into rounds. Not too thick because you don't want too much cucumber crunch in each bite, but not too thin because you don't want it so thin that when you pick the round up it droops and spills your crab onto your lap.

Make your desired crab salad. Use any kind of crab you like. Small cans of tiny crab, lumps of jumbo crab, whatever. Add whatever seasoning you like. Mom kept it simple with a little mayo, salt & pepper, a tiny bit of very finely chopped shallot, and a squeeze of lemon. Mom forgot the chives. I'd add some lemon zest. You could add some celery, but again, very, very finely diced. You don't want huge chunks.

Dollop the crab salad on top each round and enjoy.

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