Friday, December 19, 2014

Lime Icebox Cookies

The cookie baking continues! This time, a new for us cookie: Lime Icebox Cookies. SP & I both like citrus a lot, so when we saw these in the December Food Network Magazine, we decided they'd be a great new cookie for this year's holiday baking. We made the dough Thursday night and let it chill overnight. I sliced and baked them on Friday.
The hardest part of making these is juicing and zesting all the limes! There's zest and juice in the cookie dough and then before slicing & baking, the logs are rolled in a mixture of regular granulated sugar, green sanding sugar, and more lime zest.
We did not get 84 cookies - not even close. Our logs were not 12 inches long. Frankly, that seems way too small. They're tiny as it is - just a one or two bite cookie. But yummy. Lots of lime flavor and the lime sugar on the edges adds extra sugary crunch and lime flavor.

I really like these - definitely a make again cookie.

Recipe here.

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