Monday, December 1, 2014

So Much Delicious Food

This year, we celebrated Thanksgiving with my parents at their place. It was their first holiday in Pittsburgh since moving back this past fall after being gone for 20 years. After cooking for 16 people at our place last year, it was very nice to simply show up and be fed. We were responsible for dessert. Mom handled the rest. Even all the clean up.

This year, our celebratory beverage was Chandon sparkling rose, which dad popped open as soon as we arrived. Shortly after, mom put out some appetizers, including grapes and cheese.
Around 5:30 pm, SP was called into the kitchen. He was in charge of carving. Mom says dad can't carve but she likes SP's carving skills! That was OK with dad. He and I got to continue talking about the latest Harry Bosch book, which we both read during Thanksgiving week. 
 SP carved up the nearly 18 pound turkey (yes, 18 lbs for 4 people). It was delicious, and mom sent us home with lots of turkey leftovers.
 Mom blanched and sauteed some Brussels sprouts for SP. They were seasoned with salt and lemon zest:
 My family's favorite (for the past 4-5 years) Green Beans & Mushrooms sauteed with shallot & sherry:
 Stuffing! My favorite part of Thanksgiving. Celery, onion, bread cubes, and sausage with poultry seasoning. Mom forgot the nutmeg this year! That was my grandma's "secret ingredient." The stuffing was still delicious, even without nutmeg.
 Dad likes his stuffing cooked in the turkey. I like mine cooked in a casserole dish because you get lots of crispy bits. So mom does both.
 SP and I made pumpkin pie for dessert. We always make the filling recipe on the Libby's can with a bit of extra cinnamon. 
 We briefly, very briefly, considered cheating with a store bought frozen pie crust, but in the end, we made the Flaky Pie Crust from Joy of Cooking.
 It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without SP and my dad piling on the whipped cream:
There also was apple pie and cranberries, but more on those later.

It was a relaxing and delicious and laughter filled day. We spent an hour passing around the phone, taking turns talking to each member of the Georgia family. They went for a hike in the mountains and then were going over to a friend's house for dinner. It was great to talk to my brother and his wife and kids.

I hope your holiday was as lovely as ours was.

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