Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. One of this week's dinners is Chicken Noodle Soup. I'm not sure what SP did this time, but it's extra delicious.

2. Our other dinner is leftover Thanksgiving food. After we finished the stuffing and green beans mom sent home with us, we bought ingredients to make more stuffing and bought more green beans. I'm also eating the turkey for lunch.

3. The apple and pumpkin pies are gone and now I have no dessert but I suppose that is a good thing. Last week was a lot of pizza and pasta before Thanksgiving and then a big dinner out after Thanksgiving. I really don't want my belt to be set on a fatter notch than last week. Especially with Christmas Cookie season here!

4. I am still thinking about which cookies to bake this year. We do not have a lot of free time, so I'm thinking there might not be much baking. Then again, as usual, everyone has cast a vote for their favorite, and the list is already at 5 kinds. Mom wants crescents. Dad wants candy canes. Brother wants ischl tartlets and triple ginger. SP wants raspberry shortbread. I don't like to disappoint people. I like the cinnamon cookies and biscotti. SIL likes pizzelles. That's 8 kinds.

5. Mom and I went shopping yesterday. Again. And once again, I bought stuff for myself. I have now bought all my presents for me from SP. He doesn't have to do any shopping. I think he's happy (no shopping) but also sad because there won't be anything under the tree from him for me to unwrap.

6. The Friday after Thanksgiving, we decorated for the holidays. We're getting better at it. It used to take an entire day but we're starting to get an efficient system developed and now it takes only about 4 hours including lunch and bathroom breaks. After we finished, it was nice to curl up on the couch with the tree lights on and the holiday candles lit and catch up on TV.

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