Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Thoughts

1. I've missed the last 2 Thursday Thoughts. Too busy with holiday stuff! So here's a Friday Thoughts.

2. Things are back to normal. The holiday decorations are packed away until next Black Friday (our usual holiday decorating day). SP is back at work. We're planning what to cook on Sunday that will give us leftovers for 3 dinners during the week. It's really nice to be back to the usual.

3. On New Year's Eve, we had a "date day." One of those days with no chores, no errands, just fun. We started with lunch at Cheesecake Factory, chosen because we still had gift cards to use and because we figured it wouldn't be as crowded as usual. We were right. We had a great server, tasty food, leftovers for another 1-2 meals, and brought home cheesecake for dessert.

Then we went to see The Imitation Game. Excellent movie.

We weren't going to go out for dinner, but Burgatory had tweeted that their shake of the day was strawberry, champagne, and almond pizzelles. That is the shake that started it all for me. New Year's Eve 2011 I went to Burgatory for the first time, the one at Waterworks, and had that same shake special. OK, maybe the pizzelles weren't almond, but it was that same basic combination. It is still my favorite shake ever and I could not pass up the chance to enjoy it again. It was just as good as I remembered. We shared one and we easily finished it (usually we struggle to finish a shake and leave some behind). We also shared an appetizer of fries with gravy, braised meat, and cheese curds and we shared a chicken sandwich with bacon jam.

Then we went home, put on sweats, and watched several OINTB episodes.

4. Sadly, I had to return The Paying Guests to the library without reading it. December was just so busy. I took it to GA, thinking I'd read in the car, in the hotel, at my brother's place, but nope. Too busy or too tired. I'll have to reserve it again.

I have 3 other books stacked up: Station Eleven, Gray Mountain, and Unbroken.

5. Yes. I still have those National Geographics to read. Yes. They will be 2 years old.

6. Happy New Year! Maybe my 2015 resolution should be to read those National Geographic magazines before 2016?

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