Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Picnic Cafe (Georgia)

Center of Square in Dahlonega, the Gold Museum
Surprise, surprise! I forgot to finish the final post from our holiday trip to GA. Whoops! Our last day there, we met up with my mom, SIL, and niece to walk around the town square and wander through the shops. Around noon, we were hungry, and so was mom, so we decided to grab a quick lunch at a favorite Dahlonega lunch spot: Picnic Cafe. SIL & niece continued shopping since they were not hungry. Of course I forgot to take any photos of the entrance or interior and I nearly forgot the food until SP reminded me.
Chicken Salad Sandwich with Tomato Soup and a side of fruit
It had been a few years since our last trip to GA (since 2011, I think!). Picnic Cafe looks much the same, but this time when SP ordered iced tea, there was no lime wedge - kind of disappointing since that was a nice surprise/treat last time we were there.

We all ordered sandwiches with soup (tomato soup for everyone). SP was happy to be able to choose his bread and he chose a wheat bread for his chicken salad.
Mom chose egg salad on croissant with a side of potato salad.
I chose pimiento cheese on croissant with a side of potato salad.
The pimiento cheese was yummy, but a wee bit mayonnaise-y for me. When we make it, we use the bare minimum amount of mayo required to make it come together. It also seemed to lack pimiento. I couldn't really taste it. But that didn't keep me from eating all of the cheese and croissant!
I really liked the potato salad. Yes, it was very creamy, lots of mayo, but also some sour cream that gave it a nice, different taste for me since we never put sour cream in our potato salad. I think I liked the potato salad more than the pimiento cheese!

The tomato soup was very tasty, too, but I gave most of mine to SP since I had way too much food anyway and I know he loves soup.

There are some new restaurants on the square since we last were there and the pizza place is gone (Caruso's) but Picnic Cafe remains, and that makes me happy because I really like it for a quick, filling, casual lunch. The servers are really friendly, too. We didn't get any treats this time, mostly because we were full but also because SP & I hauled 10 kinds of cookies to GA and we were starting to get cookied out!

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