Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

1. This past week I read Gray Mountain, the latest by John Grisham. I don't enjoy Grisham as much as I did in college when The Firm and A Time to Kill were the books we passed around the dorm and everyone just had to read them, but this was pretty good, even if it was a bit too much information on coal mining and strip mining for me.

2. I read one of those old National Geographic magazines! Only 2 more to go!

3. Saturday is usually our night out, but last Saturday it was so darn cold and SP had something he wanted to do from 3-5, so we ended up staying home and making homemade hoagies for dinner. After we ate, we watched The Equalizer. Not much of a plot but it's always a pleasure to watch Denzel.

4. Worst Cooks in America is back. We love this show. It's hilarious watching these guys wield knives (but also, cringe worthy and worrisome). And that teddy bear meatloaf?! I crack up every time I think of that misshapen lump of ground meat and Anne's reaction!

5. That's it for this Thursday. I have lots on my mind, but I'm not ready to share any of it on the blog just yet.

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