Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Chocolate~Espresso~Cinnamon Rolls (Joy the Baker)

Sometimes I think Joy the Baker can read my mind. It's as if she's inside my head and knows all my favorite flavors. There are a lot of posts by her that I forward on to SP, with the title of my email being MUST MAKE or WANT. This was the case at the end of January when she posted Quick & Dirty Chocolate Espresso Cinnamon Rolls.
A baked good. With chocolate. And espresso. And cinnamon. Three of my favorite flavors. In one treat. A breakfast treat. That can also be an evening treat.
My photos aren't as pretty as hers. She must have some fantastic kitchen lighting. Our kitchen lighting, even in the day, if not right next to the window, is pretty... blah.
 Yeast in milk-butter-sugar mixture. Waiting for the flour.
 The dough. Love the stand mixer dough hook. Makes this so easy.
 Rolled out on our pastry board, another item we love.
 Mmmm the filling.
 Our rolls. Looking a little more sad and lonely than hers.
 Still looking sad and lonely, but baked and cooling.
They might look sad and lonely, they might not be as pretty as hers, but they taste fantastic. Chocolate, cinnamon, espresso goodness.
They were delicious for Sunday breakfast. Delicious for Sunday dessert. Delicious during the week. Definitely a make again. I might up the espresso powder next time, just my personal preference. I didn't really taste it in the morning when I ate my first roll, but that evening, I could taste more of the espresso flavor.

We left off the glaze - just personal preference since I'm not a fan of glaze on my baked goods.

Recipe here.

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