Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dinner with Parents at Meat & Potatoes - All of the Desserts, Please

Last month, we went to see Motown. My parents went, too, although our seats were not together. After the show, we all went to dinner together. Now that they're back in Pittsburgh, my mom is interested in trying some of the places on Pittsburgh Magazine's best restaurants list. SP & I suggested that we go to Meat & Potatoes after the show. Mom said OK. Dad goes with the flow. So I made a reservation.

As for food, I'm so boring & predictable: crispy Brussels sprouts, fried pickles, mac & cheese, blue cheese & short rib flat bread, washed down with a Sgt Pepper's Old Fashioned. The usual.

My mom had the Hangar Steak and she said it was excellent. My dad tried the Caesar Salad, which was a little different than a regular Caesar Salad so it was adventurous for dad. He liked it a lot. He ordered the Duck, which came with pierogies, and really liked it, except for the pickled veggies since he's not into pickled stuff. SP tried the Salmon with black rice, kim chi, Chinese sausage, hot sauce, fried egg. He really liked it.

Everyone was pleasantly full, but as always, dessert beckoned. There were 4 options and 3 sounded really yummy. The 4th was something with coconut, which I don't like and my parents are not fans of coconut, but SP is. We were trying to negotiate an agreement on which to share until my my dad said, "Let's order all four and share all four!" I was surprised since my parents eat less than they used to eat and are usually pretty stuffed by dessert time, but it sounded like a good idea. In the end, we ordered only 3 of the 4 since SP was the only one really excited about coconut.
The lemon dessert. I do not remember the rest of the description! It ended up being everyone's favorite of the 3 desserts.
Malted Chocolate Pot de Creme. This was yummy! Probably the 2nd favorite. Smooth, creamy, malted chocolate.
Orange Creamsicle Cake - orange cream in between chocolate cake. Very good, but not quite as creamsicle-y as I expected.

We kept passing the desserts counter-clockwise around the table until they were gone. It was kind of weird to take a bite of lemon, then a bite of malted chocolate, then a bite of orange creamsicle, then back to lemon, etc. Weird but delicious.

I'm glad my parents liked Meat & Potatoes. Next time, dad wants to order the Sgt Pepper's Old Fashioned. He tried a sip and really, really liked it. I think he regretted ordering a beer. As usual, service was wonderful and the food tasty.

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