Monday, February 23, 2015

Marbled Mint Chocolate Pudding

Growing up, my idea of pudding was instant pudding. Open the packet, dump the powder in a bowl, add milk, mix, chill, eat. I never thought about making it from scratch - not until I met SP and he turned his nose up at instant pudding and told me it was super easy to make homemade pudding.
One day he made homemade chocolate pudding for me and it was fantastic. It was very simple, a basic, beginner recipe, but my gosh it was so much better than instant pudding. I'll never go back to instant. Last week we made a more complex pudding: Marbled Mint Chocolate Pudding from the February 2015 issue of Bon Appetit.
It's not really that complex. It has few more ingredients and you make two puddings to swirl together. We made the white chocolate-mint pudding first.In spite of constant stirring, it curdled a bit on the bottom of the pan. We just dumped that part. It happens sometimes when we make ice cream custard, too, which is why we often pour the custard through a fine mesh sieve.
Smooth and creamy. Next up was the chocolate custard, which looked exactly like the white chocolate-mint custard until we poured it over the chocolate and started stirring.
Smooth, creamy chocolate pudding.
We had more white chocolate pudding than chocolate pudding. I'm not sure why. Oh well.

We didn't do the best job of layering and swirling, but here's a side view of one of our dessert bowls:
This pudding was delicious. Minty. Chocolaty. It was pretty rich. And it seemed thicker than other puddings we've made. The recipe says it yields six servings. We made four servings because we had only four glass dessert bowls. The pudding was rich enough that we each struggled to eat one on our own. On subsequent nights, we shared a bowl.
Definitely something we'd make again.

Recipe here.

*We didn't top the pudding with crumbled chocolate cookies as suggested in the recipe.

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