Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

 1. Last weekend was the Super Bowl. For the second year in a row, our Super Bowl dessert was Rice Krispie treats. I love these chewy, marshmallowy, krispie treats.

2. The best part of the Super Bowl was Katy Perry's dancing sharks.

3. After the 3rd quarter, we switched to Downton Abbey and then Worst Cooks in America.

4. Last Saturday evening we went to Bistro 19 for dinner. We only get there 1-2 times a year, but it's still one of our "more favorite" restaurants. I didn't take the real camera, so here's some crappy cell phone photos. SP had the duck:
I had my usual tiger shrimp stuffed with artichoke and spinach served with risotto and wilted spinach.
We also shared an order of lemon pepper calamari and SP had clam chowder.

5. This past Monday SP worked from home in the morning. He tried to go to work, but for the first time since we've been in this house, he couldn't get up the driveway because it was too icy. He dumped some more salt on it and a couple hours later he made it into work. He used nearly an entire bag of salt on Monday alone. No wonder we're keeping an eye out for a new home with a short, level driveway! (There are some other must haves, but that's one of the musts.)

6. Speaking of salt... with only 1/4 bag left, SP went to buy more on Monday. He had tried on Saturday, but couldn't find any. He tried about 6 stores on Monday and still couldn't find any. So I asked my mom to go to some stores in the south hills when she was out that way on Tuesday and on her third store, she finally found some. She bought 2 bags for us. Thank goodness because this year the "stubborn spot" is being more difficult than usual. It doesn't get much, if any, sun to help melt the snow/ice and it's on the slope, not flat part.

7. Not sure what's going on with the garbage people, but garbage day is Tuesday and everyone on our street still has full cans of garbage waiting for pick up along the curb. This happens about once a month. They just forget our street.

8. Happy thought: Six more weeks until spring!

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